Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012

   Well, what do you think of my [blog's] new look??  For the New Year, I wanted to customize my header to include some photos of my favorite makes.  I've made several attempts over the last few days, without much luck (and with much interruption from the kids and their friends and cousins, who are on holiday break and spending lots of time at our house).
   Everyone here stayed up 'til midnight (except for me and my son), and this afternoon, they are now napping.   (Shhhhh!!! Be very, very quiet!)  I've had a little time to re-work the design of my blog-- (to a level that I am satisfied with)-- and before this, I even did some sewing!  Woo hoo-- its a good day :0)
   What did you do for New Year's Eve? 
   We stayed in.  My daughter had a friend sleepover, and we had a bunch of healthy (and unhealthy) appetizers followed by a nice home-cooked meal.  We watched the festivities on TV from the warmth and comfort of our home.  I was exhausted (and becoming increasingly grouchy), so at 9:30 pm, I went to bed.  But my internal clock somehow magically woke me up at 11:56pm and  I was able to join everyone to see the final countdown and kiss The Hubster at midnight.  The ball at Times Square got stuck halfway, but there was enough fanfare with the video screens that it went unnoticed by some.
   In quilting news, I attempted to resurrect the iPad case I've been working on for my husband (see last post, here).  Since I had to expand it, I also had to buy a new zipper.
this is my attempt to "expand" the size of my Hubster's iPad case--
I added extra strips along the sides and bottom
   It's still not quite big enough for his iPad, but I'm content with how it came out and with the fact that I have now done two zippers!!
   Here's the "new" version:
it's a little more rectangular than the first try

   And there's still a few more things about zippers that I need to learn....
not a perfect corner--
maybe if I trimmed the end of the zipper down before turning?
I'll have to read up on this
I can live with this corner
   So I ironed and turned it this morning-- and then realized it was still too small for the iPad--  and told my husband he had a new cell phone case.  I'm done with it-- he can use it for what ever he wants.  (papers? rubbish?)

   I hope you all had a happy and enjoyable New Year's celebration.  
   I'm feeling optimistic for 2012--  a BIG-- but cautious--Yaaay!! 

Head's up-- here's where I start talking about the Postpartum/Depression related stuff...
  I started a new medication about three weeks ago, and my daily tearfulness has subsided, I've become much more "chatty" and feeling like I can tackle [and less overwhelmed by] my ambitious and exciting list of quilting/sewing projects for 2012.   And I'm more playful/silly with my children!  For me, this is huge-- to be feeling like I'm moving toward "normalcy" and "functional"--and I am so, so grateful.  It's been a long, slow and difficult journey through this most recent episode of depression.  (If it were up to me, I'd write "Depression" with a capital "D". ) 
   I have learned that as time goes on, each "episode" of depression Depression gets more and more difficult-- and I am so glad that I did not know this beforehand.  
   So with cautious optimism, I am looking forward to all that 2012 will bring.


QuiltinMama said...

Elisa, you've given me confidence to try zippers...I bought a handful today to make some small totes...wish me luck! Glad your new med is working well for you and hope it continues...I remember those days myself.

Helen said...

Love your new header & look. Good to read you meds are working well. Wishing you a better 2012. I'm hoping to find some time to write a longer e-mail to catch-up.
Helen, from across the pond.

Cindy said...

Hi Elisa! I love the new blog look! Fresh, clean and highlights the fabulous things you make. Perfect. So glad to hear you have new found hope with your new meds. I will keep sending happy wishes your way hoping each day is better than the last. xx

Second Chance Tan said...

This looks fab - with your wonderful creations at the top... you have motivated me to take the time to decorate my blog more - watch this space. Be kind to yourself with these periods of feeling low.... I hope the medication continues to help you to feel more up beat - but it's tough, so go easy on yourself xx

Archie the wonder dog said...

Love the new look to your blog and the non-ipad case looks great! I hope the new medication continues to make a difference xx