Thursday, December 29, 2011

My First Zipper....

... didn't go so well.

   Here's the photographic evidence:
actually, the zipper part itself may not be too bad,
rather it might be that the pieced front and back didn't match up so well
   I'm working on an iPad case for my Hubster, with some of my new fabrics (shared in my last post here).  My Husband is a wonderful and eclectic man-- he is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner by trade (and damn good at it, I might add), and one of his passions is playing, creating and listening to music-- that is, when he's not busy obsessing about muscle cars, Apple computers/networking, reading everything from sci-fi to political analysis, sex with his wife (despite my postpartum decrease in libido) and his devotion to his children.  He has two sons-- my stepsons-- from his first marriage (ages 25 and 27), and together, we have a 9 yr old daughter and 4 yr old special needs son. 
  Back to the zipper thing...
  I'm using  a tutorial from Freckled Whimsy [link here].   She even includes a sub-link in the tutorial on how to adjust a zipper to the size of your creation, which for me, being my first, was very helpful.
here's the front side, after turning it inside out--
didn't even iron it
a bit lopsided-- time for a do-over
but I am pleased with the design
showing the design of the back 
   So, that's what I worked on today-- in addition to doing two loads of laundry, two loads in the dishwasher, feeding the kids, visiting with my sis and her kids, going to the new ceramic pottery painting place-- which was quite fun for all.
   And now, my Sis has taken all the kids out to dinner, and Hubster and I are at the house alone. 
   The silence is golden.  
   And now, I shall end this post so that I can spend quality time with Hubster (his name is Thomas, by the way).
   Hope you are spending quality time with the most important members of your family tonight.


Newbie Jen said...

Wow! You got so much done with your time. I am jealous.

Helen said...

Indeed, you have go much done. You are on a role. Enjoy your creative spree & quality time with family & friends. A hello from the other side of the pond :)

Judith, Belfast said...

Love the design of your pouch and the fabrics are so cool. Sounds like they are right up Thomas' street! It's a really good pouch for your first zipper one! I'm sure T will love it! Jxo

Sarah said...

Hey, your first zipper! Sounds like it went better than you think, you're not stropping and moaning and tearing your hair out like I was... lol