Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Today's Work

   Today hasn't been about quilting.  But I have been "crafting" so to speak.
   I've been making these whenever I can.
   It takes me less than ten minutes to fold each one, and the process is very calming and grounding for me.  Now that I've accumulated a little collection, I've been adding beads to some, and hope to make some chains or mobiles using twigs or driftwood.
I particularly like these papers, but they are thicker and harder to work with to achieve accuracy
   After I finished grad school in 1994 (with a degree in Environmental Education), I worked a seasonal job at the International Crane Foundation in Baraboo, Wisconsin.  (About an hour north of Madison, WI).  It was the most amazing and inspiring experience ever to work with these beautiful creatures-- all 15 species from around the world-- including endangered Whooping Cranes, Siberian Cranes and Red-crowned Cranes (the latter native to Japan).

   All of my photos at the time are on film, and I do have the negatives [somewhere in the depths of our basement], so one of these days I will have to print up a little album for myself of my time there.  There are some beautiful photos on the link to their website above.
   As a gift for a friend who is an acupuncturist, I made a small chain of cranes using the colors of the chakras.

  It is a very sunny day here today, but I couldn't find a window with sunlight that showed the crystal beads glistening in the light, which makes it look prettier.
   Although the sunlight is streaming in our house today (I love having southern exposure), we are experiencing our first cold snap of the season.  The temp is in the 20s (I think), but with the windchill factor it is colder.  Yesterday was very blustery and I was out doing errands-- my fingertips were numb half the day.  [It might have helped if I remembered to bring my gloves.  I did make sure the kids had hats and gloves, though].  I was holding my fingers next to the heating vent to thaw them out!
   But we certainly can't complain about the weather here in the northeast/New England)-- it has been an exceptionally mild winter.  Last year we had many large snowstorms with feet/meters of snow accumulation.
   Oh my-- I've just caught a glimpse of the time and will have to get the kids from school soon.  With any luck, I will get some quilting time in later.
    Hope you're all having a good day and keeping warm!
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Second Chance Tan said...

Wow - those are stunning, I love the colours of the chakra idea x

Archie the wonder dog said...

Love the cranes and the line of chakra cranes is stunning - my complementary therapist would love one like that, you should sell them!!

QuiltinMama said...

E, those are beautiful. I like the 'shadows' picture...that's cool!

Helen said...

Love them. Enjoy being crafty.

Laura @ Needles, Pins and Baking Tins said...

I adore the rainbow cranes Elisa, they are beautiful!