Saturday, January 21, 2012

Shades of Gray... and White

   G'day, Matey's!
We are in the midst of a winter snowstorm here.  The sky is very gray, but the snowfall is very white.  I think that it may be tapering off now (at 3:22pm) after > 6" accumulation.  Here are some photos from about an hour ago.
Oh, yeah-- I forgot that I meant to move this furniture to the back porch and cover it now that its winter.  It's been so mild up 'til now, I just kept procrastinating... oops.
This is the rear view of the car--
we parked facing out so that it would be easier
to maneuver our driveway, which has
both a slope and a curve.
   I'm in kind of a gray mood myself today.  Feeling a little cabin-feverish-- although I did go out and shovel a walkway to the car and cleared my car (so Hubster can go pick up my stepson at the train station).  I actually like shoveling 'cause it gets me out in the fresh air.  I also woke up at 3:30am and decided not to go back to bed so I could have some "me" time and work on my quilting.
   Here's an old fave of mine from the mid-90s, a good song...
<iframe width="480" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
   I can see from the preview that this will not embed, so click on the link below to listen [YouTube]
Wish I could play guitar and sing like her!!
   As some of you may know from recent posts, I am taking a paper piecing class with a Judy Niemeyer pattern-- but its a little advanced for my level and I'm realizing how slow of a quilter I really am.  While everyone else is already working on-- or have completed-- their 2nd set of units, I am still just on the cusp of completing my first set of units.  I've been spending at least 3-4  hours on it each day, but there are two other bloggers in my class, and I can see from their posts this week that I am waaaaay behind.  And this is doing my best.  I spend as much time as I can, when the kids are in school, working on it-- I don't know how those who have a full-time job manage to get it done.  [Although I think most of the others' kids are older or grown and out of the nest, so to speak].  
   I get in big trouble when I start comparing myself to others.  I know that I am doing the best I can for my ability, but I still feel so.... so.... inadequate?  Not sure what the word is I'm looking for, but not feeling very competent right now.  And I feel like if they knew how far behind I was they would surely think I was pathetic.  Not sure exactly what they would think, but I'm not being lazy about this.
   Anyway, enough of my "Sob Story".  
   On a positive note, I did get my partner assignment for the Mouthy Swap I'm participating in.  And if I could figure out how to put the icon in my sidebar, or even in this post, I would, but nothing seems to be working right.  [Just call me Eeyore today].  
   So I have started "stalking" my partner on Flickr a bit to see what her likes and interests are, to lift the mood.  I like her taste-- so that's good.  It won't be a huge stretch to make something for someone who likes things I like.  But I will have to practice my zippers before the "real" make for my partner.  
   I purchased this yesterday, and have already flagged a number of projects to try...
  Oh, dear-- much too much rambling and not enough photos. 
  More snow, and then some colorful units to brighten the mood.  Ready?
Oh, wait-- 3:56pm is not too early for a glass of wine (cocktail hour) on the weekend, right?  Let me pour a glass first...
   These are more of the same view from this morning-- and even then the dog refused to go out!  [He's a little dog, but he's got a great disposition/personality and we love him].

   And for some, these will be redundant, but for those who haven't been reading, here is my first set of bright units...

     So, ending on a better note.... Happy Quilting to all of you!  [And hope you're staying warm].


QuiltinMama said...

Oh, to live in an area of the country where they actually have SEASONS!! Love how your blocks are coming along...and I picked up the same magazine yesterday, too! Great minds think alike, huh?!?

Sarah said...

Ok .. being inspired by and aspiring to similar talents of quilting royalty - allowed. Comparing yourself to quilting royalty so that you get all maudlin about your own abilities - definitely not allowed! You are very new to paper piecing and have opted for a mega design so cut yourself some slack and look at how well you ARE doing, not what you haven't got to yet! Keep at it, you'll get there even if it does mean you have to store up the tutorial sessions at the class and remember them to finish off at home!

You are doing a great job and the effort will be worth it! (Sorry, lecture over!)

Amanda said...

I must agree with Sarah! Look at what you have accomplished so far, amazing! In a month of Sundays I'm not sure I could do what you are doing, not good with following instructions!

Anyhoo, the snow is gorgeous, I wish we had some over here.

Make a hot choc and settle down to do some quilting. This should be a nice relaxing project to work on, not something that is getting you all stressed!

Judith, Belfast said...

Gorgeous snowy pics E! Looks just like magical Narnia! Never underestimate how time-consuming paper piecing is. And I know from experience that people aren't thinking half the things about you as you think they are! Comparing yourself to others will always give a false reading. Just keep dwelling on your own achievements and progress and take the time pressure off yourself. You're doing amazingly! Jxo

Archie the wonder dog said...

Love the snowy photos, stunning! And please try to stop 'living in the minds of others' and putting your thoughts in their heads - I know from experience how hard it is to stop doing this but it's such a relief when you more overly critical voice in your head, constantly telling you off for doing the wrong thing or not being good're a wonderful quilter, person, mother...and PP is very time consuming and I think, sorry, I know you're doing fantastically well and are very brave to attend a class in a technique you've not done before when the pattern is so complex. Lecture over, now time for the cheerleading! Keep going you can do it, we're all behind you and cheering're fabulous!!