Friday, January 27, 2012

Slow & Steady

   I have been working on the units for my paper piecing class and have had 2 days of "progress".  [Mind you, that does not mean earth-shattering progress by any means, but at least I've moved forward and haven't just "stayed even"!]  My seam ripper has gotten a little rest.
   I've made enough background blocks that I started playing around with the color combinations.  [I have to note that each of the 2 units in these blocks are not yet stitched together-- I'm working on that today]
    This is going to be one bright quilt!  I'm loving all the colors and fabrics I'm working with, but fear that they may clash once assembled.  Its still too soon to tell.  I am looking forward to class tomorrow, when everyone will share their blocks and start arranging and assembling their quilt tops and adding borders.  I will, of course, take lots of photos so I can share all the beautiful creations from my classmates.  It really is exciting to see all the variety. 
   Here is Jackie's (our teacher) completed version:
   And this is Judy Niemeyer's version from the cover of the pattern:

   I've been so preoccupied with this paper piecing class that I haven't mentioned that I've joined a swap.  Its the Mouthy Stitches Swap (see button in sidebar) hosted by three wonderful Brits:  Hadley, Susan & Cindy.   I received my partner assignment last week and have done a little sleuthing/stalking.  We are required to make a zippered pouch and to be active in the Flickr group.  I must apologize to whoever my partner is-- I have not done much visiting or commenting on Flickr this last week-- but don't you worry because I will start being active after tomorrow!  It is a very fun and lively group.
   Have I told you that I'm a Brit Wannabe?  Yes, it's true.  I frequently find myself thinking in British terms these days, talking about the "post" (instead of mail) and saying "wee"-- as in "I'll just take a wee break".  
   So when I saw this shirt in the store next to Joann's (and it was on sale!), I just HAD to purchase it:
   I am now four days away from my blogiversary!!  I can't believe its been a whole year already!  Stay tuned, I will be doing a little giveaway to celebrate.  I'm not broadcasting about the giveaway to the masses or anything-- I'm a small blog and want it to be for my regular followers.  It has been so wonderful getting to know other bloggers and making some new friends :0).
   Well, I'm off now to start my day-- lots to do ahead!


Jackie said...

WOW... you really made great progress! I love how they are looking and can't wait to see them in person tomorrow. Did you see... the folks at Judy Niemeyer quilting put your blogpost up on their Facebook page?? By the way, I totally hear your about the Brit wannabe... my daughter has been one for quite some time now.

Tina ~ Seaside Stitches said...

I think your blocks look great! It looks like you have enough variety that you won't need to worry about anything clashing.

Archie the wonder dog said...

You've done loads!! And they look wonderful! Love your new t-shirt! P.S. Featured on Judy Niemeyer's FB page? Well done!!

Amanda said...

Blinking heck pet! You've been right busy with your block progress. Everything looks wonderful, and I'm sure it will all go together perfectly.
Well done on being featured on Judy'd FB, well deserved.

Sarah said...

Forward is forward Elisa - yay! Great progress! Enjoy tomorrow.

Judith, Belfast said...

Well now that you've got the t-shirt you won't need the Union Jack Tattoo on your bum cheek!! Only kidding! To me you're just like a brit blog buddy anyway! Looking forward to your anniversary! Blocks are looking AMAZING btw! Jxo

Benta At SLIKstitches said...

I so love the quilt! Have fun with the Mouthy Stitchers. The t-shirt is great, I get stuff like that as presents when we go to USA or Australia, I never thought you could buy one in America

Cindy said...

Your blocks are gorgeous! So fabulous!

Vivian said...

Great colour choices on your blocks. I love your little quilts in the banner on your blog.