Monday, January 23, 2012

Late Night Reflections...

   It's 2:08am and I'm WIDE awake.  Perhaps it's the small cup of half-decaf coffee I had at around 7pm?  I can't imagine so, but then again, I'm on this relatively new medication and perhaps it makes me especially sensitive to caffeine?  (Mind you, I drink several mugs of half-decaf every single morning and I don't usually get crazy).
   So here's what I'm pondering just before 2am... (and it might involve you, dear reader!)
   1)   I thought I started my blog in early February of last winter.  Took a look at my posting history earlier this evening, and realized that my blogiversary (sp) is actually on January 31st-- a mere 8 days away from now!  I just might have to do some small sort of giveaway to celebrate.  (I'm a small blog, so a small giveaway is in order).  I'm thinking some nice selections from my stash (which grew exponentially over the holidays).  I'll probably have the winner select maybe ten or a dozen fat quarters, or a combo of FQs and charm squares?  I'l have to think about it further.
   Hmmm, no photos in this post yet-- maybe I better give you a preview of potential goodies....  The giveaway will not include all of the following, but selections from them.
Just kidding!
Couldn't locate the photos I was looking for on this computer--
will have to add them in in the am.
If you like Westminster Fabrics, I have these....

I have some Aneela Hooey Little Apples:

I have many more Asian fabrics in addition to these:
    (Our dog Buddy decided to rest in front of the bright window, where I wanted to take the photos, so there's our little cutie!) 
Or perhaps you prefer some novelty fabrics? 
   This is just a preview of possibilities.  There's more to choose from, but its almost time to pick up the kids from school so no more time for photos. (I have a few Australian Aboriginals, too).   I have 8 more days to firm up the details!
And now we resume my late night reflections....
   2)  I am now at 42 followers-- approaching 50-- that's another milestone.  However, it took me 11+ months to get to 42, so I think I have some time for that one.  But I'll have to celebrate when it happens.
   3)  Also pondering that next month is my birthday and that I'm getting closer to approaching The Big 5-0 in age as well (still have a couple years to go)-- but it relates to the other thing I'm pondering: gray hair.  I'm currently a salt-and-pepper kind of gal.  Haven't dyed it yet since I usually wear it in a pony tail, and my hair actually looks darker pulled back as opposed to down. 
      When push comes to shove, I will probably try to go with a natural kind of dye-- I'm not a big fan of chemicals for unnecessary purposes (and out of concern for the environment).  But the entire texture of my hair is now different than it used to be.  It used to be mostly straight with a slight wave.  Now its mostly wavy and much coarser.  Have any of you noticed this [about yourselves, not me] too?  
   Well, that's the extent of my pondering at [now] 2:33am.  I thought there was more.  Thought I had the makings of a decent post.  Oh well,  Maybe it's a sign of my aging that I can't remember?  
   At any rate, I'm still not feeling any semblance of fatigue.  
   Anyway, better try again to get some sleep.  Stay tuned for the blogiversary small-scale giveaway!!  (Hopefully I won't forget!)  
   Good night! (morning, actually)...
   4)  P.S.-- one final observation: if you are still awake at 3am and ate dinner at a reasonable hour, then your stomach starts grumbling out of hunger.  Not sure when I finally did nod off-- I got maybe 3 hours in (and still going). 


Helen said...

lovely fabrics, especially the westminster fabrics ;) Organizing a give-away, I wonder what you will decide. Amazing how many followers you have in only one year. I'm only at 52 and that took me over 4 years to achieve :) Hope you found some time to get some zzz's. Looking forward to your next post.

Amanda said...

You do make me laugh, even if not your intention!

Might be the meds keeping you up, I know I always have a funny period when I start new meds. Hope it doesn't last long, whatever is causing it.

How exciting, 1 year! Apparently most blogs don't make it to 1 year, so well done you! Your giveaway sounds anything but small. Is Buddy included, he is in the photo!!

The dreaded grey hair, in my opinion I have too much of it, nothing major, just more than I 'd expect at my age. Not sure what to do with it, some days I'm tempted to just cut it all off!

I think that is a lot of pondering for such an early hour of the day, mine normally revolves around cream cakes and duvets!

Hope your able to get some sleep.

Linda Coleman said...

congrats on your first year blog anniversary coming up on 31st January (that's my birthday as well). I have had the grey hair for well over 10 years now and I still have a couple of years to go to the big 50.

Benta At SLIKstitches said...

Oh dear, what a lot of things you think about when you can't sleep! I usually make lists when it happens to me, I hadn't thought of a blog ramble, I might try it next time. I love the fabrics, you really have got a great stash, I have some aboriginal fabrics that I am itching to start (when I've got Henry / Harry sorted, LOL). So many of your rambled thoughts struck a chord with me, are we twins?? As for the hair mines all grey, at least it's past the attreactive (nit) shade of battleship grey, and gone to almost white, but has this weird Albert Einstein thing going on! Get me, I'm rambling now, and I should be up going to work! Lovely to meet you!

Judith, Belfast said...

Oh E! I love your ramblings. And a year of blogging - yeh! Some gorgeous fabrics there! I'm 40 and about 70% grey. I get my hair dyed by my sister (hairdresser) but be warned, once you start, you have to keep going every month to keep those naughty roots in check. And yes, grey hair is coarser because it loses the nourishing melanin pigment as we get older. Hope you were able to sleep eventually. Jxo

Archie the wonder dog said...

Love your ramblings and it makes far more sense than I would at 3am! Did you get to sleep in the end? Congratulations on approaching your 1 year blogiversary and on having 43 followers - and I'm sure this will increase once people realise what they're missing (a wonderful blog, in case I need to spell it out!). Take it easy today!

Vivian said...

I went through a period of time when I was plagued with fiber myalgia. I was only able to sleep for 3-4 hrs. at a time. It helped to get up and do stretching exercises and walk around ... then I had a chance of sleeping a bit more.
Whatever works!
Lack of sleep can mess with your hormone levels.