Monday, March 5, 2012

The Wisdom of Kids

   Last night, I gave the kids a bath in their bathroom.  (We usually do baths in our bathroom, which has a larger tub).  While my 9 year old daughter was still in the bath, I ran downstairs to grab something.  She called down to me saying she was hearing some loud banging noises.  As I went to investigate, I noticed multiple spots dripping from the dining room hallway ceiling.

   I hastily threw down some towels (on the wooden floor) and told my daughter to empty the tub.  The kids rushed down to see our little flood, and instantly wanted to pitch in and help.  My daughter grabbed a variety of vessels to catch the falling water:

    My daughter wanted to hang the containers (and rubber gloves) from the ceiling with Scotch tape.  I initially told her the tape wasn't going to hold on the textured surface of the ceiling (not to mention the wet factor), but she was determined, so I figured it would be a nice little scientific experiment/learning experience.
    Well, my daughter proceeded to prove science, common sense (and me) wrong!!
   Most of the taped up containers held for at least an hour, and two were still hanging this morning!

My son's playful version of "helping".
My very determined daughter hanging containers with Scotch tape.
They actually stick!

The two hangers on that are still up this morning!
   So the next time you have a leak in your house, no need to call the plumber-- just ask the kids!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Special Delivery

   Back in January, I signed up for the Mouthy Stitches Swap, hosted by three of my favorite bloggers: Susan, Cindy and Hadley.  The challenge was to create a zippered pouch for an assigned partner, and include one fat-quarter's worth of fabric scraps.  The swap filled up practically overnight to over 90 participants!
   Last week, I mailed out the pouch I made, and this week, I received mine from my "secret" partner.
    My package came from the very lovely Fiona (of Patchwork Delights blog) in Dublin, Ireland.  She packaged it very pretty, and wrote a very sweet note.
   Inside was this wonderful pouch:
    I absolutely love it!!
   In my inspiration mosaic for the swap on Flickr, I had included one of Fiona's creations.  She used the same bird fabric and fussy cut them into the center of the wonky star.
   This pouch is wonderful, in my opinion, for many reasons:  I love the bright colors she used, the wonky star, the linen background fabric and the brightly colored hand embroidered stitches.  And her zipper is spot on!
   Check out the bright interior lining with polka dots and inside pockets!

   My biggest dilemma is now to decide what special use to put this special pouch to!  Right now, I am using it for my hexies.  
   And here is a photo that shows the wonderful fabric scraps that Fiona included (lots of Japanese imports-- love them!):

   Thank you, Fiona!!  I am thrilled with my pouch and will treasure it!  And I am very happy to have made a new friend with this swap, too!