Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Transition Day

   Well, vacation is officially over.  And it was wonderful-- but I'm ready for the schedule/routine to return-- and I think the kids are, too. Today was their first day back at school.  We managed to get my daughter to school [a half-hour tardy] and with a fair amount of yelling on my part (I'm working on that).  I knew it was going to be difficult, but advanced knowledge did not prevent it from happening.  But I'm trying not to be rigid and inflexible with my kids, the way my parents were with me, and so if we're late, we're late.  It's not the worst thing in life.
   [End of my justification]

A couple of Wee Updates...
{Do I sound British here?  I'm trying to.  For those of you who haven't already figured it out, I'm kind of a Brit-wannabe-- in a closet kind of way.}  It has even been suggested to me, by one of the true "Brits"- you know who you are J.-  that there are some other American wannabes, too-- and it might be fun for us to start our own sort of "Brit Wannabe" group-- {hint, hint,  Rhonda/Quilter in the Gap-- don't know if you even read me, but maybe I'll cc: you a copy of this post}.

Update #1:  The Hubster's "non-iPad" case (quoted from Helen of Archie the Wonder Dog blog-- thank you, Helen,  for giving it just the right name!)
loading up the "Non-iPad " case
putting the stuff in from this zippered pouch (on right):
portable disk drives and some cable
and some stuff from this case--
Me: "What's in that case, Honey?"
Answer: "Cabling and stuff that I bring to work"

adding headphones
Posed shot:
Hubster as he puts the "non-iPad" case
into his leather messenger work bag
View of pull-out drawer in front of Hubster's desktop,
allegedly for the keyboard--
What is all this stuff??
I can identify a cordless phone on the left-- and that's the best I can do--
The Hubster [and maybe you, too] can identify the rest

Perhaps I should do a giveaway on: Who can identify this??
I'll put it in the thought bank!
Update #2:  The Cuisinart [dust-prevention] Cover...
   Working on it in fits and starts, but not yet complete-- here's my Process [since I took the Process Pledge, see Button in sidebar]
I LOOOOVE these fabrics

quilting the cover

   V.  proud of myself now: I'm thinking like a quilter!  I didn't just piece the whole thing together--I started in the middle/top so that each side would be facing "up" when draped over the Cuisinart!!  Brilliant!!  {Little steps...}

Okay, so there are my 2 updates, but I think that's good enough for today.  

For those of you who have been reading me regularly, here's a question:
   - Can you tell this medication is making me a little more chatty?
   - I have a sense of humor now (but is it bordering on obnoxious?-- I'm not sure yet-- all I know is that I'm cracking myself up-- and it's been a long, long time since I've done that.)

Okay, time for bed now-- G'night and sweet dreams!


Helen said...

I don't know about being more chatty but you are blogging a lot more ;)
Great to see you are in a good phase. A Brit-wannabe ;) I don't know how I want to be identified (lol) Oz-wannabe or Ozzie-Dutchie.

Cindy said...

Your mixer cover is going to rock! Absolutely adorable with those fabrics.
I think yes - a bit more chatty and happy and poking fun at yourself. It's good! I see you jumping in at FSQ too and you always brighten my day. Yippee for you!

Judith, Belfast said...

Oh E I've definitely noticed a difference in you these past weeks! You are much more 'light' and funny and positive - it sounds like the real you!! Yeh! And I love your humour - not obnoxious at all! Go girl! Jxo

Quilter in The Gap aka Rhonda said...

I guess one could qualify me as a Brit Wannabe but I think I am just a BRIT (although geographically that might not be true) LOL.

I think this might be fun. Please email me and lets see what we can get going.

Sarah said...

I was just going to say exactly what Judith said!

Archie the wonder dog said...

What Judith said!!! It's lovely to see and hear the change in you - there's a lightness in your tone and turn of phrase that's wonderful to read. I can't tell you how pleased I am for you and your humour isn't at all obnoxious, just light-hearted and ever so slightly cheeky which is a great combination!