Saturday, February 26, 2011

Books & Notions

   First, but unrelated: a photo of my son fast asleep in a big Ikea basket with several of his beloved blankies.  Too cute (in my biased opinion) not to share!

   I've been shopping at Joann Fabrics and Borders bookstore!!  Borders is unfortunately in bankruptcy and they are closing several stores in our area-- but it is very fortunate for me because everything is on sale!!

   Here's my booty from Borders:

I'm a big Kaffe fan and am looking forward to seeing his home and studio and inspirations.

I love the bright, colorful patterns of Anna Maria Horner's fabrics and there are a couple projects in this book that I want to try.
All  magazines are 40% off.  I didn't find any quilting magazines (that I didn't already have) that I wanted, but I love recipes from Cuisine.  I've already bookmarked half the magazine with recipes to try! 

And from Joann Fabrics, I got the following:

 This book was 40% off and I couldn't resist it.  It has a lot of great, fun ideas-- some of which I can try on the Valentine postcard/collage for my husband that I am STILL working on!!
a variety of embellishments 
tiny beads for embellishing postcard/collage
Here's where I'm at now with it-- doesn't look too much different from previous post, but the applique is now stitched and its sandwiched with a satin stitch around the edge.  I have started adding embellishments (tiny beads)-- I'll share more detail in a future post. 

 It is a big experiment and learning process-- trying new stitches and techniques, lots of trial and error, but I'm having fun with it.   
Some new thread colors to use for decorative stitches and a cute little pair of scissors
more supplies for postcard/collage
Thread and bobbin organizer for all my new threads

So now I'm off to go play with and enjoy all my new purchases!!


Kathleen said...

Love the little blue beads.... and sleeping son is so cute!

Regina said...

First off your boy is TOO cute and I love his monster blankie!

Congrats on all your goodies. I also LOVE the Cuisine magazines. They are the best!