Friday, February 4, 2011

Step By Step..

View of ice storm outside my sewing room (guest bedroom) window

One of the things I like so much about quilting is that it has so many different, little steps along the way,

and as you proceed,

the "product" gradually comes together,

step by step

 little by little.

This is part of a pieced border for the project I'm currently working on

 I am a detail-oriented person, so this works well for me.

 I am also a very visual person, so working with fabrics that I love is a privilege.

These charming 1930s reproduction prints are from Marcus Fabrics, 
Aunt Grace Authentics line (from a few years back)

     Discovering my newfound passion for quilting (and pursuing it) has been very therapeutic for me.  With my PPD (postpartum depression), I feel overwhelmed so much of the time.  Since I'm not feeling my best (even though the meds have helped me to be more functional), the daily tasks of being a homemaker/stay at home mom are very challenging for me.  I like to be organized, but with young kids, life is very chaotic/ disorganized/messy.  For me, it's hard to keep up with just the basics and I've learned to let a lot of things go-- but almost too much so.

  But the thing about quilting is that I can escape, even if only briefly, to my sewing room and cut some fabric, or do some piecing and then leave and come back to it.  Even if its only for five minutes, it refreshes me and restores my sanity.  Which in the end, is better for both me and my kids (and the Hubster, too).

So without further ado, let me finish up this post and get quilting!!

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jodi@Pleasant-Home said...

Great post. ;o) Quilting can be therapeutic in so many ways.