Thursday, February 3, 2011

Quilting Interrupted

Due to circumstances beyond my control,
   there has not been a lot of quilting happening in the last few days:

most recently: ice storm (3/4" accumulation)

icicles everywhere
sunrise view out front door;
that "blob" in the middle is our patio table--
you can barely discern the chairs surrounding it

empty birdfeeder outside of kitchen window;
I have not been able to refill it b/c the window has been
frozen shut for the last week!!

Mega icicle--
this photo does not accurately depict the true scale of this monster!

    I have spent many hours shoveling outside (and so has the Hubster and my 3 yr old son who loves to help) to keep up with all the snowfall (and yesterday 3/4" ice accumulation!).  It's a good thing I enjoy shoveling-- it gets me out in the fresh air and makes me feel like I accomplished something.

   The kids have had 2 days off from school this week and today is a 2 hour delay.

   Notice the dark, gray quality of light in the photos-- thank goodness I have my full-spectrum lamp to quilt by!!

   Hope you all are cozy and warm wherever you are, and if you live in the northeast, I hope your roof doesn't collapse, and I hope you don't have too many leaks!!  (We have a few, but we're much better off than a lot of other people!)


Jackie said...

Yup, looks like my house. Take a look at my pics this morning. Thank goodness no delay here today. It is off to school!

Regina said...

Your pictures are nice. My house is the same way. We just moved in and so it already had a build up of snow and icicles. I'm praying that the roof doesn't collapse. I don't think I could handle that. Do you knock the icicles down? I'm too chicken to go near them.

Last night I was kept up to the sound of yelling and loud machinery. My neighbors built a large snow mountain in their backyard and then proceeded to go snow boarding.