Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2010 Quilts: Half a year in review (since I picked up quilting in September)

   A slight delay in this 2nd post due to some technical difficulties (e.g. quality of my quilt photos), but perhaps I'll post it in an incomplete state and then go back and edit.  I'd like to at least start my new blog off with a little consistency!

Total # of projects completed (pieced, quilted and bound):  0 (yes that is a big ZERO!  I'm planning   on doing something about this if I can ever get out to the quilt shop Open Session for some assistance-- but we keep having snow days!!!)

Total # of UFOs/PHDs:  8
   (*for those of you who are not quilters, a UFO is an UnFinished Object and a PHD is a Project Half Done-- both of which are common among quilters, but I've sort of taken it taken it to an extreme 

Kit from Blue Bamboo (Kaffe Fasset prints in Fire Escape pattern from Atkinson Designs)

These are 16 blocks for a Chinese Coins quilt for my sister & brother in law;
This one is creatively challenging since I collected swatches from a variety of their friends, and they don't exactly coordinate.  I'm thinking of adding some sashing to bring it all together.


Wallhanging:  Serenity quilt pattern (free pattern from Kona Bay fabrics website) with Kona Bay crane panels and a variety of batiks and others for the border

 Kit from Canton Village Quiltworks: All Together Now pattern 
with a variety of Westminster fabrics (Kaffe Fasset & Brandon Mably, I believe)

Total # of quilts in my extensive collection: 3!
 wedding gift from my friend who was living in Houston at the time---
c. 1930 Texas Star

corner detail

close-up detail

Ebay purchase from a few years back

Total # of projects started in 2011: 1

Aunt Grace Authentics: fabrics and free pattern from Marcus Brothers  ("Make it with Marcus" tab on their website)
This one is going slow, and as a beginner, I'm having trouble with the overlapping seams/joints getting really bulky, even though I followed the directions carefully and ironed as instructed.  I assume this is a common problem for those new to sewing/quilting.  I'm open to advice/suggestions/comments from those of you who are more experienced!!
Perhaps I should join a guild-- I'm sort of winging it on my own, with difficulty.


Vivian said...

You have some WONDERFUL projects going on. I'm especially drawn to your Fire Escape with the Kaffe F fabrics. I have the pattern, I love Terry Atkinson, I have a box filled with Kaffe fabrics, and I'm petrified to cut even one of them. Blue Bamboo put together a wonderful kit. I may have to try something like that some time.

You have impressive projects for only a beginning/advanced beginning quilter. Are any quilting classes offered close to you? They are usually a great way to learn techniques and to gain confidence. Does a local quilt shop (LQS) or a local quilt group have open quilting times for anyone to come and sew together? I used to have a great time sewing with friends on the last Sat. of every month at our LQS. Being around others, I always learned something. Times like those were my favorites for sharing ideas and learning by watching or doing.

Quilt guilds may be different in other cities, but the one I joined is NOT a good way to really learn anything. Members stand up at meetings and show things they've done, but I learn nothing. And whatever programs have been brought to our meetings have been disappointing. They tend to be people showing quilts they've made, trying to sell their patterns. I sound cynical and "down" on guilds, but that's the way ours operates.

Sorry -- I've gone on and on. Welcome to the world of quilt blogging. And don't forget how much you can find online. So many bloggers show how to do different things and they have tutorials on their blog that we can access any time. I've learned so MANY ways of applying binding, or ways to use scraps, or ways to celebrate holidays with quilts -- on and on -- all from blogging.

Jackie said...

Love all the projects you are working on... especially All Together Now (wink, wink). I have to say as a beginner you are working on some very impressive projects. Not afraid to push the envelope, definitely the makings of a great quilter!

Regina said...

Those are gorgeous! I especially love the bottom one. I'll have to look up that pattern although I'm also pretty new and not the best at dealing with bulky seams.