Friday, February 11, 2011

Chinese Coins Quandary

   This morning I spent squaring up my blocks for a Chinese Coins lap-size quilt for my sister and her husband (a belated anniversary gift).   I found a complimentary version of this pattern by Marcia Hohn on-line.   I collected fabric donations from all of their close friends-- a lot of people gave T-shirts, so that will be a separate quilt.  

   My first challenge was trying to unify all the various (clashing!) colors, patterns and textures!! (See photos below for details).  On the suggestion of a very artistic quilting friend, I purchased my very first jelly roll (Robert Kauffman dark palette of Kona cotton solids) and interspersed them.  I also added some scraps from other quilts I've made.  On the back, I am planning on using black minkee so it will be nice and cozy.

   I have 17 blocks @ 15" square each.  (Yes, 17 is not a practical number for a quilt-- I'll be using 16 of them).

Here are photos of the individual blocks:

Block 1 (have 4)

Block 2 (have 4)

Block 3 (have 2)

Block 4 (before squaring up; have 3)

Block 5 (have 2)

Block 6 (have 2)

  I squared them up with an improvised method using three gridded rulers:  6" x 24", 2" x 17" and 12 1/2" square.  (Too difficult to describe my method, but it came out accurate)

  Then I proceeded to put them up on the design wall:

AAAAAAH!!!!!  CLASH  of Colors!!!
   OVERWHELM!!  Can't bear to look!!  I attempted to put them up in an "orderly" pattern, but it looks too... too...  what's the word I'm looking for???!!

   I forgot to mention that I also made 2 coin strips about twice as wide as the rest (it didn't photograph well, but you can see one of the strips below, down the middle)

   So for right now, I'm calling it a day for these blocks of mayhem!!  

   My Sis will be stopping by later with my nephew (who's only eight but had to come into town for surgery for two hernias!!  Poor boy!) and I'll get some input from her.  We'll play with it on the design wall and bounce ideas off each other (she's not a quilter, but she's artistic) and have some fun and see what we come up with.  

Stay tuned!!

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