Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

Be who you are,
and say what you feel,
because those who mind don't matter
and those who matter don't mind.
-- Dr. Seuss

   I discovered the above Dr. Seuss quote in a most unlikely context.  The words were tastefully tattooed in a spiral on the thigh of a woman I met at the beach.  I had never heard the quote before, but I loved it.  I was even more surprised when she told me its author!

   The National Education Association (NEA) has delegated this as Read Across America week.  It coincides with Dr. Seuss's 107th birthday.  My 3 year old son and I will be visiting my daughter's classroom to read The Lorax.

  Her teacher is baking chocolate chip cookies for the occasion and one generous Mom is baking a special batch of allergy-free cookies for those in the class who have food allergies.  The school is serving Green Eggs & Ham for hot lunch today!  And the entire office staff, including the principal, are dressed like The Cat in the Hat with in giant red-and-white striped hats.  What spirit!

   Michelle Obama will also be reading Green Eggs & Ham today to hundreds of children at the Library of Congress.

   I grew up on Green Eggs & Ham and The ABC Book.   I have fond memories of my Grandma Bea reading them to me, over and over again.  My son's name is Sam, but unfortunately he is allergic to eggs so I can't cook him green eggs and ham!!  (We're hoping that he will outgrow the allergy).

  One of my favorite Dr. Seuss books is a newer board book that we have called My Many Colored Days.

What are your favorite Dr. Seuss books?

Do you have any favorite Seuss quotes?

Has anyone made a Dr. Seuss quilt?


Regina said...

Sounds like fun! My kids LOVE the Lorax. My son's first book and favorite toy was the Dr. Seuss one fish, two fish bath book. He carried it EVERYWHERE. We lost it on a walk one day and he was devastated.

Kathleen said...

My daughter is now a stay at home mom, but was previously employed by the county as a lawyer for abused and neglected children. Oh, The Places You'll Go was a book she always kept on hand to give as a gift - birthday, graduation, any day - to her clients. I love it... it's such a fun read and so encouraging.