Monday, February 7, 2011

(Unsolicited, non-quilt-related) Tip of the Day

a few of my kitchen towels

I don't know about you, but I frequently drink coffee or eat while driving in the car.  I have had far too many coffee spills/drips (good thing the interior of my car is dark!) and crumbs on my lap, so I now always keep a kitchen towel in the car with me.  When I eat or drink, it goes on my lap and then I toss the crumbs out the window.

I wash and replace it as needed.

It comes in very handy for a variety of things, actually.  My daughter uses it when she has her snack/drink after I pick her up from the bus and take her directly to dance class.

I actually have a fetish for kitchen towels.  I tend to favor the ones with chickens on them, but right now I only have one really faded one (its on the bottom left of the photo--time to buy more!).  Target always has great ones for different occasions (Halloween, Valentine's Day, seasonal).  Kohl's also has a good selection.  And Anthropologie always has very charming, vintage-y (albeit overpriced) ones.

As quilters/sewers, some of you probably make your own-- I'll have to add making a kitchen towel to my list-- I'm sure there are some great tutorials out there.

Hope you enjoy(ed) my little tip!!

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