Sunday, February 13, 2011

Progressions: Ice & a Funky Quilt Top

   At the peak of the ice storm a few weeks ago, we had massive, amazing icicles hanging from our gutters. [You can see more snow and ice photos here.]
   Luckily, I filled the birdfeeder before the storm, because I was unable to open the window (due to ice buildup) for another whole week!
Hello, little chickadee!

We've had some melting a few days this week, and it's been neat to watch them change...

Pretty interesting, huh?

And now on to the quilting project in the works:  a Chinese Coins lap-size quilt for my sis and her husband (see my previous post for background info).

    My sister came over the other day and I showed her my arrangement of blocks on the design wall-- which was just not working for me.  She decided to be random and moved the squares all around, and then suggested adding a sashing/strip (of Kaffe Fassett Roman Glass that she had picked out) down the middle.

   So here are some photos and details (and different lighting situations) of the quilt top now that it is assembled:

This is a little more than half the quilt top hanging over the banister in the hallway.
I will put one more black border along the top and bottom.

detail in different light

My brother in law has a dump truck (and a backhoe), 
hence the "fussy cut"

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Whosies said...

i am liking the way it is turning out. great job. love that pattern. so simple, yet pleasing to the eyes.