Sunday, January 30, 2011

Who the heck am I? (A brief but honest list and photo essay)

That's a good question and I guess now that I'm starting my own blog, this is a good time to contemplate!

-  I have a wonderful family

Hubster and kids

our 15 yr old yellow Lab, Harper

blog author in the middle

-  I am the Mommy of two wonderful children

- I am the Wife of a wonderful husband (whom I too often take for granted)

-  I am struggling with PPD (postpartum depression) which too often clouds my view of myself and gets in my way, but I'm working on it

-  I am a beginner/advanced beginner quilter and try to squeeze in a little of it every day

-  I am inspired by the blogs I have recently become addicted to-- there are amazing people out there sharing amazing things with thoughtful and amusing perspectives! (see my list of blogs I follow)

 - I love Nature

- I am the stepmom of 2 "boys" (and a girlfriend) who have now matured into fine young men and are wonderful half-brothers to their younger siblings

-  I am not the best cook (but my husband is)

homemade pizza night
-  I am a mostly organized person but have way too much clutter now that I have a family

-  I love the smell of fresh cilantro

-  I am not a huge fan of chocolate, but I occasionally get a craving

-  I have 2 left feet

-  I am a procrastinator

-  I tend to think too much and overanalyze

-  I'm not proud of it, but I am a smoker (My husband says I am the Lighter Dispersal Queen-- I tend not to always put things away immediately)

-  I love homemade banana bread

-  I am currently out-of-shape but intend to start yoga one of these days (or months)

-  I am the mother of a child with special needs (formerly diagnosed as Autism Spectrum Disorder, recently re-evaluated and "upgraded" to Pervasive Developmental Disorder- Not Otherwise Specified

-  I like Cabernet Sauvignon (and occasionally a cold Corona beer on a hot summer day)

-  I need to work on my patience

-  The part of my wardrobe that I wear consists of:  slippers when I'm in the house, combination of yoga pants-with-a-t-shirt or tank-and- zip up hoodie (in assorted colors) OR if I really get dressed up for the day:  blue jeans and/or cargo pants (How's that for glamorous??)

- I am part of a weekly DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) Skills group that I love

- I like when it snows and an occasional snow day, but this winter, I am ready for Spring!!

- I have one of those weekly pill-box organizers for my "cocktail" of daily medications (but I only sporadically take my multivitamin and Omega 3s b/c they're so darn big and the latter tend to repeat on you, if you know what I mean)

- I need to take life and myself less seriously

    Okay, so the list is somewhat random, but I think that's enough for my first post.  Hello, out there (or perhaps its just hello self at this point, since I have no followers and don't intend to announce to those who already know me that I am doing this-- my little cyber secret/alternate identity).

   If you're out there and having a read, please don't hesitate to comment-- I'd love to hear from you!

Have a good day!!


Jackie said...

Wonderful to get to know you better!! Best of luck on the blogosphere.

Regina said...

Love this post and like you I didn't tell anyone about my blog. i'd prefer it be for those who are into the things I'm into.

Lisa said...

I've got the postpartum thing going on, too, and it's been a year! I've nursed all this time, so I figure as long as I keep things "in check" I'll go on meds when I'm done nursing... if I have to. It's probably a stupid way to look at things, but I'm OK. I just feel so BLAH and I hate feeling that way, especially after being blessed with such a wonderful little person.
I don't tend to put my name down and follow blogs, but I like to subscribe to them and then I can get reminders and read them when I get a chance. So I guess you can count me as a "follower", but you just don't "see" me following:)
Hope you feel better. I love your snow pictures. Wish we had some of that here.

esblack said...
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Kathleen said...

A belated welcome to blogland! Wonderful family. I like the way you shared so many pieces of your life.