Tuesday, June 28, 2011

{Virtual Coffee}

   Good morning!!  It's 7:44am and I am sipping my 3rd cup of coffee right now.  (Don't worry, it's half-decaf.)  What are you having today?
   My new pattern is to (naturally) arise between 4:00 and 4:30am -- so I've already put away dishes, washed the pots and pans while listening to a Tara Brach podcast (my morning therapy-- it grounds me), checked e-mails, facebook and quilting blogs.  I tried to do laundry, but our washer which was just fixed 2 weeks ago (for about $300) is breaking down again, and I have to call the appliance repair man.  Bummer!
   Now the kids are up and my stubborn little man is already in time-out.  He wants to paint NOW.  There simply is not enough time to paint before camp.  I offered coloring, play doh, puzzles...   But since he could not get his way, he began tearing books and toys off the shelves-- so he was put into time out.  Let the power struggle begin!  In an hour, I will be dropping him off at camp-- it's going to be a loooong hour!
   What's summer like where you are?  Here in CT, it is partly cloudy and it cooled off nicely overnight.  The windows are open, so fresh air is coming in and I can hear the birds calling outside and the morning commuters driving by.
   Do you have a garden?  We do-- not an elaborate one, but it needs some attention.  I need to replace some of the plants that have not come back.  I bought 2 little tomato plants- oh, about 3 weeks ago- and just yesterday put them into larger pots.  I picked these 2 plastic pots up at Target on clearance for $2.49 each.  They don't really match the color scheme of our house (and will clash very nicely with the bright red tomatoes)-- but a bargain is a bargain, I say!
These are 3 purple butterfly bushes that I am going to plant where I used to have delphiniums:
They will be planted along the front walkway behind these lilies as a nice backdrop.
Have you been up to any fun activities this week?
   My daughter had her dance performance.  Her group (Modern 1 & 2, ages 8-9) came up with a number called The Ants vs. The Cupcakes.  It was very clever.  Here are the "ants" below:
   Below: My son, getting up close on stage, during the announcements after the show.  He lasted all of 15 minutes during the performance.  Luckily my daughter's segment was near the beginning, after which he and I went for a walk outside. 

my daughter and stepson (looking a little tired)
   Another little highlight of my week:  I returned all the soda cans that had been accumulating in the garage for the last month or so (several soda addicts reside at our house-- not me)-- and earned $15 dollars!! (at 5 cents a can, you do the math-- there were A LOT-- and that didn't even include the beer bottles!  I'll do those next.)  Can you tell it was a very exciting week around here?
   Anyway, I look forward to visiting your Virtual Coffee posts and reading all about your week(s).   Please feel free to link up!  And thanks again to our host,  Amy at Lucky Number 13 blogspot.
   Thanks for visiting, and I hope you have a productive day/week!  {I now have less than 2 hours to be productive before I pick up the kids-- the pressure's on!}


christi @ burlap and basil said...

oh power struggles! it seems several mamas are having these right now {i know it is often with kiddos!} and summer is in full swing! enjoy the time away while they are at camp and bring on some serious painting when they are home! =)

Moomser said...

Wow, I wish I could wake up that early, naturally no less! The only think I manage to get done before 7.30 is make a cup of coffee and stare vacantly into space!

Judith said...

What always impresses me about your posts is the calmness and peacefulness in the way you write, even though I know your life can be anything but! Love the tomato plant pots - funky tomatoes! I admire anyone who gets up before 7am (I'm so not a morning person) but then maybe that's what keeps you sane!! Jxo

Claire said...

you're my kind of person - i wake with the sun - great in summer, not so good in winter *sigh*
your pics are great and your daughter and friends look adorable in their costumes :) thanks for coffee!!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Oh yes, things that don't come back after winter....I have plenty of that! I bought a Tickweed plant last year that I adored but it didn't make it. And I love a bargain too! It's downright cool here today - grrrr, I say as we head off to soccer practice in the rain. Thanks for coffee!

☆☆Mumsy said...

I'm used to be alone, and I enjoy the quietness of the house when the children are away. I miss them terribly, but it's a break for my tired soul.

redheadreverie said...

Oh, the timeouts and power struggles Ugh...they pick the most inconvenient times to pitch a fit don't they?

Sounds like you were very productive this morning. I could use a little bit of that energy in the morning...maybe the laundry would be finally done instead of in baskets all over the house.

Well, have a wonderful rest of the week and enjoy the holiday weekend. Thanks for coffee.

Helen said...

Love your virtual coffee post. Due to the time difference I'm usually planning on going to bed when I'm catching up on my blog reading :) So I've just had my last coffee. Had about 7 today, ooops, is that too many? Keep those posts coming. See you next week.