Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kindle Cover Do-Over

     Last week I shared this [unfinished] kindle cover that I made for my Dad for Father's Day:

     I didn't know how to finish the two ends of the binding (note the clips in the photo), but I learned that it was as simple as just leaving a little extra fabric at the each end and folding it under!  After ripping out the entire binding and re-doing it, I somehow just lost all enthusiasm for the thing.  Does that ever happen to you?  Maybe its a beginner thing.  Or being a perfectionist?  Who knows.
   So I chalked it up to a practice piece, and proceeded to make a completely different cover using this tutorial by Kari on the handmade mommy blogspot.  My father has a first generation Kindle from Amazon that came with its own hard cover, so I opted for a book-jacket style cover this time.
front cover
back cover
open inside view
detail of machine blanket stitch
   I feel better about this version :0)  I loved using various Asian fabrics from my stash.  I especially love the metallic gold and black swirls above, and just ordered more from Blue Bamboo (a great source for Asian fabrics).
   So I am happy to report that I am satisfied with my do-over!

   And now, on to the next project...

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Iowa Sunshine said...

beautiful!! those color combinations mesh so well, and i also love the asian fabrics. great idea for the kindle -- i bet dad loved it!