Wednesday, June 15, 2011

{Virtual Coffee} 4

    Coffee time!!  (A day late, I hope you don't mind.)
   It's a rainy morning and everyone in the house is asleep- Shhhhh!  I savor this quiet time with my coffee and my laptop (and, of course, YOU!)
   If we were really meeting for coffee, I'd tell you that the week has been busy with activities to keep my 3 yr old son busy now that he is out of preschool.

    Strawberry fields forever...

   After dropping my daughter off at school, we met some other preschool friends at the orchard at 9:15 am in an attempt to beat the heat.  Too late!  We were dripping sweat the entire time and the kids were done by 10am.  But we are still enjoying the delicious strawberries a week later!

Friday night fun...
   My son was due for a haircut (he has tons of cowlicks), so Hubster decided he would give it a try...  He did a great job!  Hubster is now officially our new family barber.

Now we all just want to rub his head!
My daughter wanted to get in on the action, so she got a little trim on the ends...

Washing machine repaired!!
   You might note in the above photo, the mounds of wash waiting to be folded in the background.  Our washer was broken from Saturday through Friday (an eon for us)-- we had to wait for a part.  But I'm very happy to report that my beloved washer is back in working order and I am thrilled.  I don't mind doing wash, and I LOVE to fold.  And it has to be folded really neat or I'll have to do it over.  I think the reason I love to fold is because its just about the only thing in my life where things are neat and orderly.  Interesting observation, don't you think?

Blogger strangeness...
   If we were really meeting for coffee, I'd have to tell you about this BIZARRE thing that is going on with my Blogger stats...  
   Since the end of last week, I have been getting several hundred hits a day (as compared to my average of 5-10) referred from two blogs that I follow and that follow me.  And the posts that are allegedly being viewed are older posts.  I don't think anyone is actually reading them, as there are no new comments.  I think the stats counter is somehow linked to the number of visits at these 2 other blogs.  I went on the Blogger Help forum and there are a bunch of other people who are experiencing the same issue, so I don't feel so alone, but I do hope it gets resolved soon.
   6/16/11 Update: the Blogger issue has been resolved!  (Something to do with favicons-- no idea what those are-- in blogrolls were being recorded as hits.  Yay! :0)

First week pick-up at the farm
   Our family has a share at the local CSA (community supported agriculture), and this week was our first pick-up.  I love going to the farm-- great place and great people.  LOTS of greens (some of which I've already forgotten the name of and will have to look up!) and we got to hand-pick the sugar snap peas (Yum! But no photos, sorry).  New to the farm this year are chickens!  Meet the gals...

I just LOVE summertime!  What is your favorite season?

Sewing project
   We've had a few days of rain, which is nice, too.  It cooled things down a bit and its good for the plants.  And I was able to get things done around the house (which I'm perpetually behind on).  I also got to spend some time on my sewing machine!  No completed projects to share (other than more gifts for teachers), but I've been working on a quilt collage for Hubster for Father's Day.  Here's my progress on that:
c. 12"x12"

experimenting with different stitches on my machine
a little charm to add
   And now I'm at my favorite part: embelishing with beads, et al.  I am a very detail-oriented person and I can be as anal retentive as I want.  Thank goodness for my new cheater glasses!!

   And those are the highlights of my week.  I hope you had a great week, too! 

   And now for a refill of my coffee and time to empty the dishwasher...  See ya next week!


Judith said...

Oh that's a lovely piece of fabric art! Hope hubby loves it too! It's awful when stuff breaks down - I'm dependent on my washing machine too! Glad you got through the week with your nerves still intact! Jxo

{Amy} said...

oh wow, what a great gift, that is so cool! i can't wait to pick strawberries either but i have a feeling we waited a bit too long and it will be super hot for us, too. thanks for joining in for coffee this week!

Jade @ Tasting Grace said...

Mmm those strawberries look so scrumptious!

Kathleen said...

LOVE the beadwork