Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Belated for My Honey

   Can it be true??  Did I actually complete a (small) quilting project??  Of course there's more embellishing I could do...  And if I was good at free-motion stitching, I'd add some of that in, too...  But I guess it's really time to  consider this finished and MOVE ON to some of my UFOs and other projects on my "To Do" list.
   Happy Belated Valentine's Day and Father's Day, Shveetie!! (That's our ancient pet nickname-- a little silly, I know, but for some reason, it has persisted between us.)  Hubster doesn't read my posts, I don't think, unless I point them out to him.

Here are a few of the details: 

   Photographing this thing is quite the challenge because its so dark. I took it outside, on our back porch, at c. 8:00am, with cloudy skies.  I experimented with a few different settings and options.  Here's the best I could come up with :
   - used Landscape mode, for better blue/green color saturation
   - used UV High Definition filter
   - I manually set the ISO to 200

   If anyone has any suggestions for improving the photography, please feel free to share in Comments.  In the meantime, I will continue to play with my new Circular Polarizer filter, exposure compensation and white balance.
   If you live in the US, Happy July 4th!!  We had quite the torrential rain overnight, but today is supposed to be nice so we can have our little driveway fireworks show in the driveway with the neighbors this evening.  Watch for upcoming photos...


Judith said...

Happy Independence Day! Your mini quilt is stunning E. The details are amazing and the moon turned out perfect. I'm sure it was well received by your hubbie. V.well done! Jxo

Quilting Corner said...

This is a fabulous mini quilt. I hope your hubby will appreciate all the work that you did.

QuiltinMama said...

How new are you to quilting that you post something THIS stunning?!? That's gorgeous..and I'm jealous ;)