Tuesday, June 7, 2011

{Virtual Coffee} 3

   Good morning!!  The weather has been just beautiful all weekend, but as this week progresses, it is supposed to get hotter and more humid-- I'm sure the A/C will be in use by the end of the day today.
   If we were really meeting for coffee, I'd have to tell you that it has been a very busy, but fun and exciting week.  And I would like to apologize to those commenters who visited last week's virtual coffee post and to whom I have not yet responded-- better late than never, I always say!
   Lots of end-of-the-year celebrations and activities.  At my son's preschool, we had a very fun Ice Cream Social with a DJ:
Hula hoops...
 My daughter is a natural with the hula hoop-- she always makes it to the end of the contest and sometimes even wins.  Don't know where she gets this talent from-- certainly not me.

 The Chicken Dance!  The toddlers/preschoolers loved this and it was so cute to watch them.
 The Limbo...


      All of the parents were like paparazzi with our cameras!

Spring is truly here!!  Here is our mountain laurel starting to bloom:

We had another interesting visitor in our garden:
   And we discovered a chickadee nest in our bluebird box with 7 beautiful little eggs (not in a place I could easily photograph and did not want to disturb Mom and Dad from sitting on them).  This is the pair's second clutch.

   My daughter and her friend had some fun outdoor play time giving Barbie a mud bath:


My daughter and I also went to the local garden club's flower show, and this was my favorite creation:

I spent a lot of time making teacher gifts for the end of the year, and it was a lot of fun to craft and use my sewing machine.

(Button flowers and drawstring bags for the teachers)

(little charm says "made with love"

   Oh, and a major accomplishment for me:  I managed to import 2 new buttons on my sidebar!!  This was not an easy thing for me to figure out, altough it seems pretty simple now that I "get" it.  So check out my {Virtual Coffee} button and my "Rainbow Charm Swap" button.  [Now if I could only figure out how to import the virtual coffee photo into my post-- perhaps I'll have figured that out by next week!]

   Please head on over to our Amy's blog, Lucky Number 13, to read more Virtual Coffee posts, and even link up yourself, if you'd like.

I hope you had a wonderful week, too!!




April said...

Morning, I wish you could send me some of that warm weather, it's cold wet and grey here today - what happened to the summer?!

It does sound like you have had a busy time. I love the hula hoop photos, I wish i could do that!

Virginia said...

Those pull-tie bags are adorable. I wish I could sew. It's on my list of things to learn. :)

Thanks for the coffee!

Claire said...

wow!! you all have been busy!!
great pictures - thanks for sharing :)

redheadreverie said...

Love the little bags...what a great idea.

And no party is complete without the chicken dance. Let the fun times roll!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Nothing says summer like needing AC! I could use a mud bath too, next time you are having one, give me a call and I'll come over. Loved the chicken dance and I think you have to be your daughter's age to keep that hula hoop up! Thanks for a late coffee!

Judith said...

Good to see lots of happy, fun pics! Wish we had your weather here, so we could be outside more! Jxo

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

How sweet of you to comment on my non-post- post! Life has been generous in many ways lately, generous in a way that has meant me living fully and not being able to record it artistically with carefully cropped photos and pithy prose. I am hoping that you, too, are experiencing happy circumstances. It's not all apple pie and sunshine but it's my life and I'm doing my best to live it! See you next week over coffee, or sooner perhaps!