Monday, June 6, 2011

Giftapalooza Continued

   It was a beautiful, springlike weekend here in CT.

   I spent my time in between this weekend's abundant activities (3 birthday parties and 2 volunteer commitments) working on some more end-of-the-year teacher gifts.  I am having lots of fun with these creations and spending lots of time at my machine!!  Hurray!!

   Each teacher will receive 1 drawstring bag filled with 3 homemade button flowers and a tissue cozy (the latter of which can be seen on this post here.
 Note to self (and others):  The white silk cord I used for this drawstring bag was super easy to insert, but it does not cinch closed very well.  The other more textured (rope or lace like) cords that I used had a better "grip."  The tutorial for the drawstring bag (c. 4"x 6") can be found here.
 I am also adding these little "made with love" charms (from Joann's, as are the decorative buttons).
 There is no tutorial for the flowers.  I got the idea from a photo displayed above the buttons section at Joann's (but there were no instructions available at the store or on-line).  I used the cloth stem wire pictured below, bent it in half, added my buttons and then twisted it closed down the whole length of the stem.

   Hope you had a fun weekend, too!

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Judith said...

Oh your flowers are gorgeous! They would also make lovely brooches. Lucky teachers! Jxo