Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day UFOs

   Happy Monday morning to you!  I hope everyone had a nice weekend and Father's Day.   We celebrated a lovely day with the kids, the Hubster and myself and had an evening BBQ with the grandparents. 
   In true Elisa forn, I attempted to create homemade items both for my husband and father, neither of which reached full completion.  (My family is used to my perpetual tardiness on gift-giving by now).
   For my Dad (a.k.a. "Papa"), I made a kindle cover using this tutorial from Moda Bake Shop.

   It was a fun project to work on.  I used some Asian prints from my stash, and tried out some new decorative stitches on my machine.  You might, or might not, have noticed the binder clips at the two edges of the binding.  The binding only went around three edges, and since I'm not that experienced,  and it was not specified in the tutorial, I could not figure out how to "finish" the ends.  I looked in my quilting reference books and watched some on-line How-to videos on You Tube, but was unable to find the answer.  Next I will bring it with me to my favorite local quilt shop and seek some help from them.  

  I've already shown you my collage for the Hubster, and although I spent a number of hours on it, the progress is minimal.  Still in the embellishment phase-- it's slow going, but I'm enjoying the process.
Adding all these little beads along the edges takes HOURS for me!
I attempted some beading and decorative stitching around the moon,
 and tried to create a "halo" effect of radiating 
moonlight with some mesh (forget the exact word right now-- 
you use it in a bridal veil).

I was inspired by this ATC in one of my books, Embellishing with Anything;
I would like to achieve a similar effect by adding more beads and stars.
And I will scatter multi-colored stars throughout the sky.
   I'm open to any suggestions anyone might have to help bring it alive-- please leave a comment!
I've shared this collage a number of times, so you've all seen enough "process" by now-- my next sharing will be the completed project (whenever that may be!)
   Happy quilting and enjoy your day!!

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Judith said...

Great idea to make a kindle cover, super gift! I like the way your 'inspiration' moon is fairly random and uneven with the embellishments. Perhaps that's the way to go with yours. Looking fab so far. Jxo