Tuesday, May 31, 2011

End-of-the-school-year Giftapalooza

   Here in Connecticut, we are still in school.  My son attends a small preschool for which the last day is June 7th.  And my daughter is in 2nd grade at our local elementary school-- and she doesn't get out until June 24th!!  (We had quite a lot of snow days this winter).
   There are a lot of people I want to give gifts to: many teachers, bus driver, speech therapist, etc.  I wanted to do some easy homemade stuff for them, so I came up with little drawstring bags (tutorial from Thread Head blog here).

and tissue cozies (tutorial from Skip to My Lou blog here)

Here is a reduced selection of this weekends production:

   I've already managed to give away five of the tissue cozies (missing from photo) to friends and family just over the weekend!  (Does this happen to you, too?)  Good thing there's still a week to make more!
   Allegedly, it takes an experienced sewer about 15 minutes or so to whip these out-- but for me it takes at least 40 minutes for each drawstring bag.  I worked on them in little fits and starts over the weekend, between activities.  But although my productivity is relatively slow, at least I had the time to spend and I enjoyed getting back to my sewing machine and making them!  And I'm getting better as I go.  I hope the recipients will like them!

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Kathleen said...

Love your bags and the fabrics you chose. So glad you are enjoying your sewing time.