Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Feeling the Crunch

   Hello, Friends and Visitors!

   Today, I would like to share with you the [sorry] state of my house before I run out and pick up the kids from school after I've returned from picking the kids up from school.
   Be forewarned: this is the unedited version.  I am trying to have a sense of humor about this, and feign being undaunted in the face of the chaos I have created during my sewing/quilting process.
  For the last week, I have been working on:
   -10 mug rugs
   - 3 tissue cozies/small phone cases
   - 2 fabric covered mini-journals
   - 2 fabric covered notepads
(all this commissioned by a friend, and does NOT include the teacher gifts I've worked on as well).
   Oh yeah, and a couple dozen origami cranes that I am going to make chains and/or mobiles out of.

Are you ready?

Here's my sewing table, along one wall/hallway of our dining room:
 To the left of the sewing table is my ironing board
artwork in background by my 4 yr old son
some kind of figure
   To the right of my sewing table, a set of drawers from Ikea and my wonderful full spectrum lamp.  Notice that I haven't even bothered to close the drawer?

Oh yes, and I cannot forget to include my stereo (if you can see it behind the stacks of CDs and boxes of holiday cards)
Here's the top of our dining room table (also known as my desk, even though I have my own desk in a different room)

and this essential item...
Can you see the slit in my thumb?
My hands get so dry that they split and it HURTS all the time,
so I either use this liquid bandage or
a band-aid with neosporin,
but if I use the latter, I can't text on my phone
without making a hundred errors.

Oh, and here's my origami crane-making stuff

Oh, and let's not forget the guest bedroom, where I store my fabric and keep my cutting board
Like there's really room left to do any cutting on this mat?
Luckily, I can close the sliding closet doors to hide this
(that is, of course, once I close the drawer)
   So doesn't this make you feel better that you have not let your home get to this state??  Yet here I am posting about it rather than cleaning it up before my husband gets home with my daughter from her after-school activity.  I still have forty five minutes.  We'll see what I can get done.
  And I really don't even have any finished products to show b/c I gave some away without photographing them, and most of the mug rugs are awaiting binding or topstitching.
   Thank goodness for the Hubster-- he just texted and asked if I wanted him to bring home take-out.  YES, PLEASE!!!
   Here's the sole finished item, for a teacher, that I can share with you:

   Okay, so there you have it.  I'll have to share again with you after the holidays.   [Thankfully, my mother doesn't read this blog or she would be completely mortified.  Her house is pristine.  But then again, she is not an "artiste."]
   How are you all holding up as the holiday approaches?  Are you all done?  Are you still chugging away?
   I still have more things to make, but I'm enjoying all the sewing and think I will be able to finish what I need to.  Hopefully I won't lose my sanity at the state of the house before then!
    Hope you''re all having a good week!!


QuiltinMama said...

Creativity isn't supposed to be neat...I'm glad I'm not the only one!

Iowa Sunshine said...

ouch -- your thumb! i didn't realize your work was so dangerous :). i like the look of your work space, and i am really liking the last journal cover with the children! very cute. it's great you are putting your talent into these precious gifts. they will love them, elisa!

Sarah said...

My goodness...your house! Laugh it off, thats the best solution by far!! It'll all come good in the end, and its the sign of a productive busy woman!

Archie the wonder dog said...

Love the journal cover! (And I hope your thumb gets better soon.) I think you're making an obstacle course for Father Christmas...just shove it all in a big box and then put it under the desk! And definitely better to laugh it off - don't worry, if people come round they're coming to see you and your family not examine the tidiness of your home ;o)

Judith, Belfast said...

Don't worry about the mess, it's the creativity that will keep you sane! It's a wonderful sight of an artist at work! Love it, and love the teacher pressie - lucky teacher! Jxo

Tina ~ Seaside Stitches said...

Elisa, your house looks pretty normal to me! Just keep sewing, smiling and have fun with your kids.

Cindy said...

You're creating! You're not supposed to be tidy. A little explosion is a good long as you can close the door and other folks can't see it :) Listen, you make beautiful gifts/goodies so be proud of your little piece of insanity. xx

Regina said...

I love that teachers gift! So cute. Did you follow a pattern for it? I also need to get some of that liquid bandage stuff. My hands are also suffering this winter. I'm surprised because we haven't had many cold days but ouch. They hurt so bad.