Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mod Conn Quilters meeting [Part 1 of 2]

   Today was our (every other) monthly meeting of the Modern Connecticut Quilters Group
   Upon arrival, we laid out our 12 1/2" red pieced color blocks assigned from the last meeting.
Sue Q's lovely Kimono block.
The background fabric is black with tiny red specks.
Cheree's pieced block
more block arrivals
from Sue G. and her daughter, Maddie, on top
All the collected red blocks together at the end of the meeting
   In all the hustle of all my frantic gift-making for the holidays, I completely forgot to make my block!  Oops.  But there's no rush-- I can bring it to the next meeting.  There were a lot of members who could not make today's meeting due to holiday commitments, so more will be forthcoming.

   Next, there was Show & Tell...
Sue G. made this wonderful bag:
  And this lined bag for bringing lunch to work:
 Maddie (Sue G.'s 10 year-old daughter) made this little tote for Trick-or-Treating on Halloween.
   Our meeting was held in a very large science/lab type classroom.  Maddie was so cute: while we grown-ups were all chattering away, she practiced her step dancing off to the side.
   Cheree shared a beautiful quilt she made for her husband for Christmas.
  The fabrics were amazing, and I'm afraid the details are not captured in the photos.  Cheree's husband has worked for many years with the state's Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).   (In fact, years ago, I attended one of his workshops.)  The fabrics are all nature-related, with a variety of animals and textures like birch bark and pebbles.  I love the batik background fabric with trees to bring the theme all together.

Michele made a chenille type quilt (mostly out of flannel, I think)

 and this quilt, which she will donate to a local hospital

Heather showed us this finished quilt

    For some reason, I am experiencing either computer or Blogger issues, and am unable to post more photos right now, so I will save the rest of "Show & Tell" for a second post tomorrow.
   But before I part with you-- guess what I learned today??  Denyse Schmidt lives in CT!!  Her studio is in Bridgeport (not 25 minutes from my home).  How 'bout that??!  All of you "abroad" DS fans who covet her fabrics from Joann's-- I like her stuff, too, but never knew she lived so close!!  It was very exciting for me to learn this.
   Anyway, I apologize for the technical difficulties, and I think I will try to post from my husband's desktop tomorrow to see if I can get better results with the photos/colors and the rest of the things people shared at the meeting.
   Have a good day and Happy Quilting!


Jackie said...

Thanks for taking such great photos! So sorry I couldn't be there, but it looks like you all had a great time. Looking forward to tomorrow's pics. Oh and thanks for gathering the blocks!

Archie the wonder dog said...

Love all the show and tell go and make your block!!