Wednesday, December 14, 2011

WIP Wednesday

   As promised,  I am posting today about some of the items I've been working on (mostly gifts for teachers that were "commissioned" by my sister and another friend).
   A couple of mug rugs:
attempt to show close up/detail of machine zig-zag binding that I used
   I used this tutorial from Stitched in Color to do the zig zag binding.  On this  particular mug rug, I used brown so it blended in, but in the next Sherbet Pips and Little Apple mug rugs, I was planning on using bright red thread to make it more decorative.
   What do you think of this idea?  Do you like the zig-zag stitching or not?  Should I continue to use it for my mug rug bindings?  (Please help this very
indecisive quilter!!)
back (binding is pinned on right now)
I love Little Apples!!
   Another mug rug with proposed binding fabric (Kaffe Fassett's Aboriginal Dots in Terra Cotta):

And more indecisiveness:  
   Which of the fabrics shown below should I use for the binding on this one?  Or none of them?  Please feel free to offer additional suggestions.
And then some fabric covered notepads and mini-moleskine journals:

(still has to be topstitched)
inside view of one of the ones below

    So there you have some of my WIPs.  I really enjoy working on these smaller projects (which is a good thing, because I have many more to do!)
   Hope you all are having a good holiday season and finding time to quilt!
   Thanks, in advance, for anyone who offers feedback/suggestions.


Sarah said...

Good job on the small projects! I'd love to sit and do mugrugs but making all the necessary binding would put me off!

Linda Coleman said...

these are fab, love the coffe cup fabric one, I really like the brown circle fabric to bind it with.

Archie the wonder dog said...

Love all your little makes - little in size not time or effort or skill! I like the zig zag on the binding, I wonder what a decorative stitch would look like? Think I'll try it sometime! Love the idea of the red stitching and I like either the brown circles or big chrysanth type flowers (on the right) for the binding...

Judith, Belfast said...

My you've been busy. I'd never seen zig-zagged binding before, and I just think of it now as your personal style - love it! I really love the orange Kaffe Fasset MR and would go with the orange binding in the indecisive one! Keep going, these are already looking fab! Jxo

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Wow, I am envious of your handiwork. I have always wanted to stitch but am very clumsy at the machine and hand sewing isn't for me. All of these are beautiful and handmade gifts are the best (second come the electronic ones....) I am almost fully recovered from the Virulent Virus. It's true these last few weeks have held just about everything in life (short of death) and I am grateful every day for my son. Mind you, he has enough toys to open his own toy store but his heart is always in the right place. Happy Holidays if I don't get back here in the next week!