Saturday, November 26, 2011

I've Been Commissioned....

   Okay, so, well it sounds impressive in the title, but my "patrons" are actually my sister and our long-time housekeeper.  (Our housekeeper has been with our family for over thirty five years now.  She tidied and cleaned the house I grew up in once a week, and now that we've moved back to my hometown, she comes to our house weekly, and she is a Godsend!)
   So I'm actually getting paid to create all the things I've so enjoyed making over these past few months: mug rugs, tissue cozies/small cell phone cases, and notepad covers.
   I know this is not "big time" by any means, but I'm so excited to get paid to sew/quilt/be creative!
   Here's what I've been working on over the long holiday weekend:

mug rug
mug rug
(Oops- I cut off the head off the scooter rider!) 

   But I desperately need your advice, dear followers and visiting readers.  If I'm going to do this, then I'd like to have a "name" that I can put on a small tag or label.  There's no bloody way I'm going to advertise myself as Postpartum Quilter (we'll keep that for the blogosphere).
   Do any of you have any suggestions??
   I was kind of thinking that I might want to come up with a name that includes "crane" or "warbler" in it (both are kinds of birds I love).  And since I'm fond of making these:

I use this origami crane photo as my Flickr icon (photo ID) and apparently I've acquired a "reputation" amongst a small circle of my swap/bloggy friends (mostly in the UK) for my "trademark" origami cranes that I include in every swap or outgoing quilty parcel or giveaway item that I send.  I thought I might try to use that in some way.
   Please help me brainstorm-- anything and everything is welcome!  I appreciate your thoughts, ideas and feedback!  Bring it on!!
   Thanks to all of you who offer input :0)
Hope you're having a great weekend!


Helen said...

I kind of expected that. They look great. I think it is great that they voiced their wishes. Enjoy being creative.

Judith, Belfast said...

Well done on your commissions! There's no stopping you now! Here's a few name suggestions that spring to mind:
Elisa Makes .....
Nature's Threads
Quilted Wings
The Crafty Crane
A Patchworked Heart

Happy for you to discount these - just through them into the brainstorming mix. Jxo

QuiltinMama said...

Oh, how exciting for you! Congratulations, Elisa. As for the name, I LOVE Judith's 'The Crafty Crane'.

Amanda said...

How wonderful, and so well deserved! Judith's suggestions are all great, anyone of those would be a great name.

Archie the wonder dog said...

Yeah! Congratulations! I love what you've made and I love Judith's suggestions...I think The Crafty Crane is my favourite (I'm afraid Quilted Wings makes me think of sanitary towels!) - have fun deciding on a name!

Cindy said...

I love the things you make and this post is no exception. Beautiful! The crane is so beautiful stick wtih that. I have no name to suggest, but each time I see your crane I think of you. Perfect little assocaiton :)

Clare Wassermann said...

I adore the fabric on your mug rugs - just amazing.

How about

Crazy Crane Creations
Thread Nest