Tuesday, August 23, 2011

{Virtual Coffee}

   I-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-t's Coffee Time!! 
   Good morning! 
   So glad to have your company!  
How was your week?  
Has school started in your area?
   We're still doing the end-of-summer thing here.  School will start next week-- and I'm very much looking forward to having more structured days and a regular schedule.

   In the last week, I've made a conclusive observation about my kids:  
If there's a bug outdoors, its the most amazing thing and they want to capture it and observe it and keep it and give it a home.  
BUT if there's a bug in the house... it's all about freaking out:  "MOM!!  THERE'S A BUG/SPIDER/YOU-NAME-IT HERE!! COME AND GET IT!!"
   Does this happen with your kids, too? 
 Its an interesting phenomena.

   We had my daughter's 9th birthday party this weekend.  
   My daughter loves animals, so we held her party at the  Audubon Coastal Center and they did a program called, "Feathers, Fur & Scales". 
 Here's the Hissing Cockroach:
 Here's a sea turtle shell:

 A horned lizard:
 A beautiful view of the salt marsh:
 [Not captured: the osprey nest, which is on WebCam -- you'll have to click the link on the page that opens]
 Listening to the wisdom of the shell...
 Decorate-you-own [allergy-free] cupcake:
   Word of advice: if you want a good turnout, don't schedule a birthday party the last free week before school starts.  Everyone is away.  Nobody can come. It happens every year-- you think I'd learn.  We had 3 friends, 2 cousins, my son and one of his friends.  But I have to say, it was actually a nice intimate group.

What's going on in your world?  How are you feeling?
   I've found this week that I've been feeling rather quiet.  I've been reading all the regular blogs I follow and am so impressed and inspired by what everyone has to say and share... And I'm just feeling like I don't really have much at all to say.  I feel like everyone is better than me.  It sounds silly, I know.
Do you ever get that way?  
   For me, I think it has to do with being fried tired of doing the kids [almost] 24/7 this last month.  All the bickering...  Rarely being able to finish a sentence  or complete a task without interruption... Trying to find something that interests both a 3 yr old and a 9 yr old.
   At least I know that once school starts next week, I'll be able to regenerate and catch up on things around the house, do some quilting... etc...  So I only have one more week of insanity.

   Well, that's enough about me for now.  I'm going to hop on over to Amy's blog for some more humorous and uplifting {Virtual Coffee} company.  Please feel free to link up, too.

Have a great week!



Judith said...

What a great idea for a kids birthday party. My youngest would love it! I'm right with you E re: summer sadness. I've had 8 weeks with the kids so far (only 1 more to go - yippee!) and as much as I love them, I don't enjoy being a referee, taxi driver, banker, boredom buster & many other titles I won't mention. Doesn't do the creative mind much good. Plus I miss rountine & adult company! Hang in there friend! You're not alone. Jxo

Sarah said...

aww sweetie thats exactly how I've been feeling, and I dont have the kids or excuse of being busy! - just not really feeling like theres much to say. Dont worry, you're not the only one, and it will pass I'm sure. As I've found, even just doin a blog saying that helps a bit! Keep finding things that make you smile and soon you'll be smiling even before you find them ;-)

QuiltinMama said...

I'm afraid I'm one of those 'bad mothers' because I did my happy dance last Thursday as my two started back to school. Now, I'm just counting down the days to quilt retreat...LOVELOVELOVE my kids, but am ready to potty without worrying what they're getting into or who threw the first punch!

Laura Jane said...

Yeah I feel like that too a lot of the time! Especially when you keep seeing all these other amazing projects and you are in a bit of a rut. I was like that last week actually. My advice... Sew something! Anything. Just get your groove back.

ck said...

Hello! I'm stopping by from the 2011 Goodie Swap, and wanted to share that I am feeling the exact same way today! (regarding feeling like everyone else's stuff is better than mine, both quilting-wise and life-wise) I am actually in the middle of a blog entry about it - the accompanying picture is of Oscar the Grouch ;-)

ck said...

Yikes, I was thinking about my comment from a few minutes ago, and wanted to make sure it was clear that I didn't think *you* were being grouchy, just me :-) Sometimes what I mean doesn't come out the same way when I type it, lol!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Mixed feelings as the summer comes to a close. Myself, I am sad by the sudden coolness that has taken over here. I am trying to just go with the flow but when you don't like where the flow is headed, it's hard. We started up school here on Monday, two half days, then tomorrow is the first full day. I know I have to stop wishing for something else and let it all unfold. So I will put on my happy face and fake it until I feel it.