Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Virtual Coffee

Top o' the Mornin', Virtual Coffee & Tea Drinkers!!
   I wish I was abroad at this very moment, in Ireland...  Maybe someday. (I'm hoping that the above is an Irish saying; it just occurred to me that it could be British.  Anyone know for sure?) The Hubster has never been [to Ireland] and I would love to surprise him with a trip there someday, since he is part Irish.  But for now, I'll have to live vicariously through movies like P.S. I Love You (which is partially filmed in Ireland). Its a great movie and has a great soundtrack-- including The Pogues, which I've been singing for days now.
   How are you today?  Are you sipping hot coffee, iced coffee, tea or Hpnotiq (the latter may be spelled incorrectly-- I learned about it on a recent post by Bodhi Chicklet-- link here).  I'm having the usual: a pot of brewed coffee (Starbucks)-- half decaf, half regular, with a little bit of half and half.
   It is 5:18am as I write this, and the house is quiet and it is still dark outside.  Everyone is asleep (shhhhhh!!) except for this little guy, who joined our family this week:

   Allow me to introduce you to our new dog, Buddy.  He is a 1 1/2 year old male Pomeranian and he is the SWEETEST thing.  We've had him since Thursday and I've heard him bark maybe 4 times.  We are all in love-- including my husband.  When we lost our 15 year old yellow Lab at the end of March, my husband and I SWORE that we would not get another dog until my son was in Kindergarten.  We've been loving the poop-free lawn, and the lack of hair everywhere... But this little guy just won us over.  He is so mellow and follows us all around everywhere (and he does his thing outside-- not in the house!)

 The kids fight over who's turn it is to walk him.  This is Sammy when it was Dana's turn:
   Buddy is sitting at my feet right now while I type this.  Such a cutie!!

   How has your week been?  Has the heat relented?  It's been hot and humid, but not as bad as that crazy heat wave we had a few weeks back.

   If we were really meeting for coffee, I'd have to comment on the heavy rain and thunderstorms we had yesterday evening (which was much appreciated by my plants).  Check out these clouds in the sky beforehand:

   If we were really meeting for coffee, I'd want to hear about what's been going on with YOU.  But I guess I'll get all your news when I link over to Virtual Coffee at Amy's blog and read all your posts.
   And I'd have a couple updates to share...
   1)  My sprained thumb is healing, slowly, but it still hurts when I'm not wearing the brace.  So I dropped in last week at a physical therapy place just down the hill.  My ligament is really stretched out and he's not sure if its fractured because its still too swollen to tell.  In order to help it heal properly and work on the scar tissue, I went 2 times last week, and I'm scheduled for 3 visits this week.  They do some heat/electrode therapy and then ultrasound (different kind than when you're pregnant) and I have 2 sheets of exercises to do for it every day.  Glad I went, so I won't have early arthritis or be in pain months down the line from it not healing properly.
   2)  A small victory in my garden: lots of tiny green tomatoes and 1 tiny clematis bloom!
Let's hope my son doesn't pick this before it's ripe!
   Can you believe it is August already??  It is amazing how the summer is flying by.  I hope all of you had a fun week and I look forward to catching up with  you!


Moomser said...

those clouds look AMAZING, I'm kind of in the mood for a nice summer thunderstorm...
Thanks for coffee!!

Jamie said...

I'm having iced coffee, but Hypnotiq sounds nice too! lol... I haven't had that in ages! It's too expensive! But yum!
Buddy is gorgeous. I LOVE Pomeranians, and have always wanted to have one. But we have a mutt, cause they're free. :0)
Those rain clouds are cool! I have never seen any like that where I live.

Susan said...

Have you read the book P.S. I Love You? It's even BETTER than the movie.... like most books made into movies. Those clouds look really, really cool. And what a cutie your dog is! So precious.

redheadreverie said...

Your new addition to the family is adorable. Our little guy kept telling us he wanted a dog until I told him he would have to pick up poop...then he said "gross, I don't want a dog."

Your rain cloud photos were awesome. I could use a little rain here to cool things off. Ugh...

Have a great week and thanks for coffee.

Aubrey S. said...

Those clouds look almost computer generated. How wild.

Sarah said...

Your cloud pics are fantastic, and awwwww, the look on the wee mans face! poor wee thing! Its a cute dog alright :-)

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

We do have a lot in common! My clematis came back this year (almost forgot I planted it) but it kind of got swallowed up by the morning glories - I figured I'd let them fight it out amongst themselves. You did spell Hpnotiq correctly and sure, you can call me Bodhi, it would be an honour. It has cooled down here considerably but I hardly notice it with all my hot flashes but still, I'm not complaining (wait until winter when I do plenty of it then). We have already harvested a few cherry tomatoes - sweet! And your little dog is adorable - I lost my own 15-year old girl dog in June 2010 and I am still grieving. I "want" another dog but I'm really not ready. Thanks for the brew and hopefully we'll have another next week.

Helen said...

Absolutely love 'ps, I love you'. I even have the dvd :) That means I watch every so often. Would love to see Ireland one day too, but northern Wales is pretty good too. Your new dog is a cuttie. We might have a thunderstorm too, according to our weatherman. I'll wait and see. Thanks for the virtual coffee

KimQuiltz said...

MY best friend is named Buddy too! He's the best dog EVER, though I have to admit, he certainly isn't as adorable as your Buddy!

May he bring you closer to Contenment and Peace with God with each and ever lick, panting smile and wag of his tail.

Judith said...

Sorry E, don't know how I missed this post again, I think Blogger plays tricks on me cos I check blogs every day! Anyway, buddy is adorable, I'm sure you'll all have loads of fun with him. Jxo