Monday, August 1, 2011

Quilter's in the Flesh

   As I posted yesterday (here), I attended my first meeting of the Mod Conn Quilters. ("Conn" is short for the state of Connecticut).  It was such fun!  This was actually the group's third or fourth meeting, as it was formed in the spring.
   We started out by playing with the green blocks that others had made for the last meeting.  Purple was chosen as the accent color, so the purple fabric selections were added.

   Now that I have joined the group, I will retroactively make a green block and select a square of purple fabric.  I'm very excited to be part of a real quilting group :0)
   I have to tell you that I have a camera issue going on:  I was playing with my circular polarizing filter recently, and I cannot remove it from my lens!  It's great for outdoor and bright light shots, but not for taking photos indoors.  (The filter is very dark and makes the flash want to go on all the time).  I am going to have to go to the camera shop to have them help me remove it.  So bear with me on the photo quality for this post.
   Then we looked at all the orange blocks that everyone made for yesterday's meeting.

    Dreadful quality, I know.  I tried to play around with light and color in Photoshop, and this is the best I could come up with.  I suspect that our host for the meeting, Jackie (of Canton Village Quiltworks), has much better photos of these.  She is an early morning post-er like myself, so I will check to see and link to her photos when they are up.  [Edited to add: here is the link to Jackie's post, and her photos do the blocks the justice they deserve!]
   Next, of course, was show and tell.  I love the different projects in different styles that everyone made. First, Sue:
(Sue is on the right)
   Ironically, Sue and I worked together more than 15 years ago!  At the time, she was the Education Director of a nature center at which I did a summer internship during graduate school.  (I studied Environmental Education).  You can clearly see Sue's interest in nature and the environment in this quilt. 
It was great to reconnect with her and catch up after all these years.
    Next, Heather had a bunch of wonderful projects to share:
Isn't it beautiful?

The back 
Another beauty

Heather's been busy!
Susan made these lovelies:

   Jackie gave us a sneak peak of two beautiful quilts that will be in publications, so I cannot share those on the blog.  She will be posting them in the future on her blog.

   One of the funnest parts of the meeting was shopping in Jackie's "store".  As many of you may already know, Jackie runs a wonderful on-line quilt shop, Canton Village Quiltworks, which I have ordered from a number of times.  We went upstairs to her quilting studio and shop and it was pure bliss!!  Unfortunately, I was so spellbound by her studio and the shelves of bolts of fabrics, that I completeley forgot to take photographs.  I did make a few selections, which I will share in another post (I haven't photographed them yet, and have to deal with that camera issue!)
   It was a lovely gathering of a lovely group of ladies (and one young lady-- Susan's daughter, who is 9 years old) and I am so looking forward to the next meeting!  Thanks for a wonderful time!


Jackie said...

You know your photos turned out pretty good, despite the technicality. It was great fun meeting you! You are an extremely talented quilter and I enjoyed seeing your show and tell. I am going to be posting the show and tell tomorrow. Thanks again for coming!!

Judith said...

Wow! What a fun evening! I'm sure being surrounded by creativity like that is v.inspiring. Your blocks all looked great! Looking forward to seeing more of your makes. Jxo

QuiltinMama said...

You called attention to it and I STILL don't notice the problem ;) I love to try a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants quilt someday...I'm so set on having a specific pattern. Time for something different. Thanks for sharing!

Helen said...

looks like a fun evening. Very inspirational. Lots of creativity going on and all those beautiful quilts to admire. And, you met Jackie, wow. There is nothing like meeting quilters in the flesh.

Beth said...

Beautiful quilts, and it sounds like you had a lot of fun. It would be wonderful to wander around in a quilt shop like that. Good luck with the camera