Monday, July 25, 2011

Quilting Progress With A Sprained Thumb

   Last week, I sprained my right thumb (thankfully, I'm left-handed), which I posted about here.  Thank you to everyone for your thoughtful and supportive comments and well-wishes!!  It has been an interesting week trying to manage without the use of one thumb, and I can certainly appreciate a lot of the little things that I have taken for granted about having two fully functional hands.
   Thank goodness for this brace I purchased at Walgreen's
   I wear it during the day, and occasionally remove it if the swelling is too much and then I ice it.  I wore it in the pool with the kids (to cool off from this week's heat wave) but I don't usually wear it to bed.
   At the moment, I can type with my thumb as it is not too swollen.  But if I push it, it gets sore and swells up.  It's not broken because I can wiggle t to a limited degree, but I'm watching it to see if I have a ligament issue.  So far, I have not gone to a doctor since there has been improvement.
   It has definitely slowed me down in a number of areas, but I managed to work on my stepson's laptop cover:
back side, with fused dragon
side with flap/closure
and potential "auditions" for collage
   And for my 3 1/2 year old son, who FINALLY decided he wanted to potty train and wear [superhero] underwear  (Hallelujah!!),  I had to reward this milestone with a Spiderman pillow kit on sale from Joann Fabrics (regularly $19.99, purchased for $4.99)
This is a set of 4 pillows.  I ran out of stuffing for the last, flat rectangular
pillow on the bottom, and my thumb is not yet strong enough to hand stitch
 the last few inches I left open for the stuffing (hence the binder clips).
Perhaps I will have enough grip strength to attempt that this week.
   So there you have the small projects I was able to manage, but I am so grateful that my thumb is not broken!
   Here's to appreciating the little things in life!
   Hope you all had a great weekend!


Iowa Sunshine said...

elisa - i'm impressed at how much you are accomplishing with a sprain -- no rest for the weary, eh? :) i *love* the laptop cover and design ... your step-son will be thrilled. it is exciting when your child is actually ready for potty training ... i bet it was a long time in waiting, and incentive superhero pillows are great! take good care of yourself and give your hand lots of rest.

Sarah said...

Love the laptop cover! Hope the thumb heals soon :-)