Friday, July 15, 2011

Show & Tell

   A few months ago, with noble intentions, I made a personal vow not to purchase any more fabric unless it applied to a UFO that I was going to finish (backing and/or binding).  Little did I know, then, that I would be stricken with a severe case of (self diagnosed) Quilter's ADD.  [Don't worry, my husband is a nurse practitioner and he specializes in psychiatry, so I'm in good hands.]  My list of quilt projects is all over the place, and my self-restraint is out the window.  My poor, neglected UFOs will have to wait just a little longer...
   What initially started out as a minor digression from my fabric diet has turned into a full-fledged Binge (with a capital "B").   Let's have a look at the damage I've done in the last few weeks...
   -  I plan to make laptop and cell phone cases for my two stepsons and the Hubster, and I needed some fabric with a more masculine appeal.  My stepson and I went online, and selected some beautiful Asian fabrics for the occasion:

And while I was at it, I treated myself to these (just because):

Cherish, from Kona Bay, is one of my all time favorite fabrics.
It's a few years old now, and hard to find, so I purchased a yard.
This detail shows the colors more accurately.
(included my hand for scale)
   - Next digression:  one of the small quilt shops in northwestern CT, about an hour from my home, is sadly going out of business.  Everything is now 50% off.  My 3 1/2 year old son accompanied me, so it was a challenge to focus as he was pulling bolts off the shelves and spilling cupfuls of buttons...  Thankfully, I managed to briefly sit him down for a snack and some juice, and selected these: 
The fabric on left is actually more of an eggplant/deep purple, although it appears bluish.
On the right: an Asian fabric I couldn't resist
My son selected the stegosaurus button, and I picked out a few basic supplies.
   - And since I was up in that area of the state, and on a roll,  I visited another quilt shop that I don't often get to-- again, with my 3 1/2 yr old son in tow.   To keep him happy (and maintain my sanity), I allowed him to select these fat quarters:
while I selected these:

   This batik was purchased as a potential background fabric for a stash-busting Crazy Nine-Patch Lattice quilt that I started last weekend (Kind of ironic that I'm purchasing more fabric while trying to use up stash?). 
    Lastly, I fell in love-at-first-sight with Valori Wells new line of fabrics, Wrenly.  It just so happened that was having a designer sale, with 15-20% off Wrenly last week.  This is a fabric I don't want to miss, so I had to order some.  I was so excited to receive it in the mail that I didn't even bother to iron it before photographing it.

   I plan on using the above for my kitchen curtain project that I blogged about here.  I purchased additional half yards of all the colorways and some of the coordinates because I'm out of control I couldn't resist.

This shot for the selvage lovers out there!
   And so, dear friends, I have lots of beautiful fabric on hand (don't you agree?) and lots of exciting projects to work on, so I'm off to the sewing table...  I hope to share some of my creations with you soon!


Ricki said...

Beautiful fabrics!! I especially love the bird fabrics at the bottom of the post. It would make great curtains for my kitchen!

Brooke said...

Ohhhhh.... The last batch with the birdies... So cute! I get like this with scrap paper! I have so much... Yet I can't help but buy more. Oh well!