Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

This week, I have been grateful for...

sewing machine cover, waiting for ribbons
-  I started working on a quick and easy project: a cover for my sewing machine (since its gathering dust from lack of use lately).  I selected a variety of Asian fabric scraps leftover from several UFOs and pieced the top.  Now I just have to go to the store to buy some ribbon for ties and then I can add the lining. I will do a more complete post (with credit for the tutorial) when it is finished.

- My sewing table is in front of a big south-facing window which looks out onto our front yard (the view is partially blocked by an overgrown shrub).  You can see the early morning light from the sunrise in the background.  I love the window and the view and the sunlight-- and this week I was able to open the windows and let in the fresh spring air! 

-  More signs of Spring!!  The weather has been warmer and the kids have been able to play outside on our swingset!  When I dropped my daughter off at school, I noticed a big patch of crocus (plural: crocii??)  emerging on the school lawn.  

My son playing in the giant puddle at the edge of our yard.

BLUE: blue eyes, blue hat and blue around the mouth from Italian ice!

-  I am grateful that my son is adjusting to his new preschool (we switched him in January).  He talks about all his friends and last week, they had their annual Preschool Shabbat (Sabbath) Dinner.

The tree in the background is a BEAUTIFUL quilt made by one of the congregants of our synagogue--
Jeannette Kuven Orin (hopefully I spelled her name correctly)

--  I am grateful that even though we made the decision to put down our 15 year old Lab, Harper (she was unable to stand on her hind legs after having a stroke this week), I was able to be there with her and comfort at our home when she went.  Our veterinarian was nice enough to make a house call.  Harper went gently and peacefully in my arms, in her favorite lounging spot on our front patio.

Rest in peace, sweet Harper--
you were the most wonderful and sweetest dog ever.
--  I am comforted by the fact that Harper had a long, full life (15 years!) and it was her time.  She had arthritis, and was not hearing or seeing well the last few months, but she was not suffering and she always had her appetite.  She was in pain, though, after the stroke, which is why we made the decision.

--  As always,  I am grateful to all you quilting bloggers for all the projects and reflections you share in your posts-- thanks for the inspiration!

Have a great week!

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KimQuiltz said...

All of it is gorgeous! You compose terrific photos. I especially love the one that looks like it is in temple. Beautiful!