Friday, March 11, 2011

Grateful Friday

   Happy rainy (floody) Friday, from here in southern CT!

Another as of yet unrevealed UFO:
Orion Star pattern (Quilt in a Day) in autumn colors
   One of my favorite quilting blogs is by Helen at Helen's Blog.  (Please have a visit!)  Since the start of the new year, she has done a weekly Gratitude post which I have enjoyed reading.   I am working on gratefulness and mindfulness in my life right now, and asked if I could "borrow" Helen's idea for my blog, and she graciously obliged.  Thanks, Helen!

So without further ado, here are some of the things I am grateful for this week:

-- I'm noticing signs of SPRING!!

-- I saw a bright male bluebird perching on top of our bluebird house twice this week!  I hope they will nest there again this year.

-- The cardinals have been visiting the feeder (they've been here all winter, just not at the feeder).

-- I heard a pileated woodpecker calling from our back woods.

-- The rains this week have washed away all the snow.  My son has been having a grand time sloshing around in the mud and puddles in the new rubber boots that I got him (bright green with lots of bugs and caterpillars on them-- he LOVES them!)
Sammy's new boots!

--  Hubster and I stayed up late together and watched a great movie the other night on apple TV(with no interruptions from the kids!):  Love & Other Drugs with Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway.  Very well done and excellent acting.  Two thumbs up from both of us.

-- On the drive to school, my mildly autistic son loves to sing B-I-N-G-O over and over (and over) which brings joy to my heart, but annoys his sister to no end!

--  I tried several new healthy dinner and vegetable recipes at home this week-- some of which were a hit and some were not.  My kids are picky eaters, but I'm expanding our limited menu little by little.

--  My son wore his spiderman underwear after school yesterday and went a little pee-pee in the potty!!

--  I've been working on our taxes and totally reorganizing and weeding out my files.  Thanks to the digital age and shredder machine, I can discard a fair amount of paper taking that is taking up precious space.

-- I made some valuable connections with people in my therapy group this week and had a very cathartic meeting with my individual therapist.  I'm hoping some of the "clouds" will clear now.  (My machine continued to gather dust this week, but I will be back when I'm ready.)

-- And of course I am always grateful for my husband and my children, and I never want to take them for granted.  And we are all generally in good health.

What kinds of things are you grateful for?

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KimQuiltz said...

I love the gratitude! We need to be reminded every day, several times a day, there is no such thing as too much gratitude!

I have to ask, when you son says, "Bingo!" does he say it like, "Aha!" or "I win!"? :D

It stuck me as such a joyful word either way. I shouted Bingo like Aha! and my dogs ignored me. Bingo like I've Won and they each grabbed a toy and ran to give them to me to throw for them and join in the joy. Either way, lots of fun. :)