Thursday, October 20, 2011

Small Stuff

      Right now,  I'm involved in a very fun Scrappy Swap (see button in sidebar) hosted by Kat of Diary of a Flutter Kat: A Mumma's Time to Create.  My partner is one of my favorite bloggers, so I'm excited to have been assigned her.  She is a very talented and experienced quilter, but I selected something to make for her that was within my comfort range.  (So as not to ruin the surprise, her identity needs to be kept anonymous until after her fabric scraps and scrappy swap item have been mailed and received.)
   I decided to make a scrappy moleskine journal cover with inside pockets for her.  I was using 2 tutorials simultaneously and adjusting for the size of the journal.  So the first run was an experiment, with many technical flaws that needed tweaking.
Trial Run: Scrappy Moleskine Journal cover
(back side is on Left,  front cover is on Right)
The version I intend to send my partner.
Inside view with pockets
     So now I'm all about the scrappy thing!  And that inspired my next project: a homemade thank you gift.  This is a small notebook (c. 3 1/2" x 5 1/2") and the recipient is fond of blue (which particular shade of blue, I had no idea, so I made 2 sides with different hues of blue colors).

a little warped/imperfect along the right side edge,
but I went with "good enough" since she's a
non-quilter and I'm still beginner/adv. beginner level sewer
   I also made an iPod/smartphone cover with one of the fabrics in my stash that I really love:
closed view
view with lining
   I am enjoying these smaller projects because I can finish them in a shorter amount of time.  Since the holidays are coming up, I'll probably be focusing on more goodies like these to give as homemade gifts for teachers, etc.
   Hope you are enjoying the Fall, wherever you may be.  It's not the most colorful year here in New England (most probably due to Hurricane Irene), but right now I have the windows open and there's a pleasant gentle breeze.
   Have a great day!


Tina ~ Seaside Stitches said...

Elisa, the journal cover are awesome! Your partner will be happy to receive it. I love making home made gifts. I think people who don't sew appreciate the work involved.

Iowa Sunshine said...

anyone would love to receive these precious items -- they are beautiful. i love the mini journals, and your cover is perfect!! those pockets are a great idea, too. can't wait to see what you make next, elisa.

Helen said...

Love them, especially the journal cover. It is tempting to pick-up some little projects. Sadly, hardly any quilting for me at the moment. New job is taking up all my attention :) But loving it.

Judith, Belfast said...

Aren't small projects so satisfying! Love your journal cover. I'm definitely tempted to give that pattern a go. And the fabrics you chose are stunning! On day I would love to see N.E in the fall. The pictures I've seen are so beautiful. Enjoy! Jxo

Archie the wonder dog said...

Love the journal covers and the iPod case - I'm sure the recipients will be very happy!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Very beautiful stuff Elisa. Love the iPod holder, you've given me some ideas, although I really only can manage forward and reverse on my sewing machine. I recently bought a few swatches of material because they were so delicious.