Saturday, October 1, 2011

Best Mail Day Ever!

    Last week was the mailing period for the items we made for the Mug Rug & Goodie Swap hosted by Cindy at Fluffy Sheep Quilting. The Flickr photostream has an amazing thread of photos and fun, lively discussion.   We (the 60+ participants) have all been eagerly awaiting the mailman, and watching the Flickr updates (and photos) on who's received what.  There were so many amazing things people made and now we're finding out who is partnered with who.  It is such fun!!
   Yesterday was my lucky day.  Our postman, Jim, drove up the driveway and tooted his horn.  He had 3 packages just for me!!  Yahooo!!
   I received both parcels from my swap partners and a quilty thank-you for a ruler I found a home for a few weeks ago in my Petite Giveaway.
   Here are the photos...
From Chrissa, I received:

mug rug, front, with origami crane
mini-painting: "Quilting mends the soul"
hand-made card
needle book
inside the needle book, Chrissa included embroidery floss in a variety of bright colors,
and a "hope" charm, which I have safety pinned to the first page
back pocket of needle case
front of mug rug;
I love the design, the  colors and the echo quilting
Chrissa got the idea for the origami crane from my Flickr icon--
very thoughtful! 
back side of mug rug
This is the scrap piece of felt that I have hitherto been using as an impromptu needle case  
   Chrissa is from Oklahoma.  She and I have a lot in common.  We are relatively new to quilting, this was the first swap for both of us and we both have a child "on the spectrum" (as in Autism Spectrum Disorders-- a.k.a. ASD).
   It turns out that Chrissa was my partner, but I was also hers!  Very clever matching on Cindy's part.
   My second mug rug and goodie were from none other than Rhonda of Quilter in the Gap.
front of mug rug: Lotus flower
I love the design and the serene  colors
Heres's the collective package from Rhonda:
mug rug
needle book
key fob
assorted fabric samples
back side of mug rug
front view of needle case
with adorable birdie button 
inside the needle case:
some size 10 betweens
and a thimble
detail of key fob (which I have now stocked with all those discount cards)
and collection of assorted fabrics
   And lastly, I received this very thoughtful quilty gift as a thank you from Stacey in Vermont, to whom I gifted a 12 1/2" square ruler that I scored at an estate sale (and already had one of my own).  Previously, she was using a cardboard square.
a set of 3 mug-rugs
    Thank you, so much Stacey for your generous quilty "thank you" gift.   I know the 12 1/2" square ruler has found a very good home.  Have fun using it!!

So there you have my best "mail day ever" from quilty friends who are so amazing!!  I feel so blessed to be a part of this wonderful, generous  and inspring community!

Happy Quilting to you all, and have a great weekend!


Cindy said...

Wow! What a huge mail day for you! I love how personal Chrissa's package is - I was dying to see what was on the mug rug as soon as she posted that fab little poem tempting us in flickr. Rhonda's rocks too! Fabrics perfectly match the block. Lucky girl :)

How very nice of Miss Stacey. I love the colors she uses.

Amanda said...

Wish all mail days could be like this! You got some wonderful items, what a wonderful swap it was, and such a lovely thank you gift too!

Jackie said...

A terrific mail day indeed!! Just gorgeous!! I love, love, the mug rug!! Looking forward to seeing you today!

Helen said...

You lucky duck! What great mail the postman delivered to your place. You really received some beautiful / colourful items. Enjoy.

Sarah said...

Oh I'm so pleased you got such lovely packages from the swap!

Judith, Belfast said...

Oh what yummies you got! Aren't they fab! And we wonder why these swaps become addictive! Enjoy! Jxo

Moomser said...

Wow what an amazing swap, both the things you got and the things you made!

Second Chance Tan said...

These are wonderful.... I am new to blogging (but old to crafts!), I hope you don't mind that I have started to follow your blog - it looks like we have some things in common. Happy Monday, Tanya

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

What fun! I love a swap! And old fashioned mail. Email is so instant and direct but there is nothing like having the plop of mail through a slot (other than bills) or a package on the doorstep when you come home. When I see sewing and quilting projects online it makes me want to make more of my old Singer Featherweight than hems and emergency stitching. Of course that would mean actually learning how to sew as well...