Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Little of This & A Little of That

   My posts have been fewer and far between lately, but that's where I'm at right now.  Wishing I could be more productive like so many of you, but that will come in time.
   I'm still rather struggling, these days, with this most recent setback in my depression.  Just doing my best (relatively speaking) to be functional at getting the basics done each day and focusing my energy on the kids.  Reminding myself to breathe, be mindful and in-the-moment, rather than getting sucked into the overwhelming vortex of negative thoughts that constantly threatens to pull me down.
  I've been working on a number of small-scale quilting projects, and the little bits of time at my sewing machine, while not highly productive, are still very therapeutic.

Here are my bits of "This and That"...

- Pieced blue block (12 1/2" square) for the Mod Conn Quilters meeting last Sunday.

- Pieced green block (also 12 1/2" square) also for the Mod Conn Quilters meeting.
   The pieced squares will be matched with complimentary colored solid blocks and ultimately be assembled and quilted for donation.  (The group is very new, so we do not have a completed quilt to show yet).  I did not bring my camera to the meeting, but Jackie of Canton Village Quiltworks, did a wonderful post here of all the blocks with the coordinating color fabric choices as well as the wonderful show-and-tell from the meeting.

- I've also been working on a "Pockets To Go" cube organizer for my sewing stuff...
I'm starting with the bottom one
here I've attached the inside pockets to the bottom
this view shows the outside (zippered) pockets--
my very first zippers, but not fully assembled yet!
-  I fell in love with this cheerful basket of birdies...
 from this book:
 - Here are my first 2 lovebirds (without eyes or tails):

- I've also been selecting scraps and goodie ideas for my partner in the Scrappy Swap hosted by Kat (Diary of a Flutter Cat/Mummy'sTimeTo Create)
here's my proposed 1st audition of scraps for my partner 
   Lastly, I want to share with you this wonderful gift from my sister:
How can you not love her??!!
She is a momiji doll, and in the bottom is a special, secret message.
   Thanks, Sis!!  I love this little doll and the thoughtful little note inside.  She is displayed in a prominent place in my sewing area so I can look at her and smile and think of you!

   Happy Quilting to you all this weekend!


Diary of a Flutter.Kat said...

Sorry to hear you are still struggling Elisa! It is a day by day journey isn't it. I had a tough day today also but am feeling a lot better in general recently (which shows in my productivity). Weekends are just always tough when my husband is away. The kids miss him too and that means they get naughty gah!
Anyway hugs from Australia!
(Oh and that doll is delightful!)

Carolyn said...

What you say I can relate to so much. I had to stop and read. When my health got really bad I developed a black cloud as I call it. It follows me every where. So many times my mind wonders and I do forget to breath. I'm not in my sewing room as much as I like, I sort of drift through life. I take meds,they help some. So many of my friends dont know what I go through. But a good day in the sewing room is a good day. Fabric makes me happy. Hang in there we will get through it. Hold onto those good days.

Sarah said...

aww Hugs x but for someone who says they're not sewing much thats a lovely bunch of projects!

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to you - I know about that (those) black cloud(s). :P

Lovely things you are sewing - it IS therapeutic, eh? :)

ADORABLE dolly - nice Sis.

:) Linda

QuiltinMama said...

I have no words, Elisa, other than I'm sorry. I hope this current bout has about run its course. I'm thinking of you, girl!

Cindy said...

I really, really, REALLY like the little portable craft pockets. Great idea - I could use a few myself :)
Keep your head up, my dear. It all comes in waves, so brighter days must be on the way to you. xx

Judith, Belfast said...

I remember those awful days when the pull of negative thoughts is so strong. But you are doing everything right E, I'm so proud of your for trying to stay in the moment and take the pressure off a bit. When you read a post like this and the things you have made, you really have achieved a massive amout! Your blocks are gorgeous and those birdies are sooooo cute! Looking forward to seeing your finished basket. Step by step, one breath at a time my friend, Jxo

Moomser said...

I'm keeping this comment firmly on the quilting and away from the d word (though am thinking of you). I love, love, love that green block. I need to learn to sew. That's it, you're my inspiration.