Thursday, May 5, 2011

Scrappy Signature Block

   So I've been browsing the quilter blogs and bookmarking some simple, easy projects to do in order to get some momentum going on my lost quilting groove.  (If you find it, will you please tell it to come home).
   I came across Victoria's request for blocks for the Bumble Beans Signature Block Blogger Quilt.  [You can visit her blogspot here and see some of the blocks people have sent her so far here].  Here is my contribution:

   Victoria is a very creative, off-the-cuff (meaning she doesn't usually follow patterns) kind of quilter with a Fine Arts background.  I admire her quilting style, which I would describe (in my own, unsophisticated words) as modern and wonky with bright colors.  She has an additional blog that you can link to from her main blog called 15 Minutes Play... in which she challenges you to simply "play" with your fabric scraps and see what evolves.  I like that idea a lot because there is more spontaneity and room to explore without a focus on a set outcome.  It becomes about the process rather than the product, and helps you to discover your own artistic voice.  I love to see what other quilters come up with when they "play".   Originally, Victoria used 15 Minutes Play as a warm-up exercise.
   Another big source of inspiration for me lately is this book:

  I have put it in our guest bedroom bathroom (the one that the kids don't use) and when Mommy needs to go potty, I escape for a few minutes (making sure to LOCK THE DOOR because everyone knows a curious 3 yr old certain someone will follow you everywhere!)  I read little snippets each time I'm in there.  The book has some great quotes, and some great exercises to try and is filled with many beautiful examples.   (Don't worry, I am fanatical about washing my hands after I go-- the book is sacred).
   I apologize to those of you who I may have offended by talking about the "bathroom".  In our house, potty talk is inescapable.  My kids love to say "butt" and "poopy".  My 3 year old son's favorite joke goes like this:
   Sammy:  "Guess what?"
   Mommy:  "What"
   Sammy:  "Chicken butt!!"
and he thinks its the funniest thing EVERY time.  I think its cute, but we are trying to work and limit our potty talk to appropriate times and situations.  (I'm open to suggestions on how to properly manage this issue!)

Have a great day!


Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

Love the scrappy signature block!!! Thank you so much for taking the time!! I appreciate it!! It is souch about process for me , and really I just wish we could all get together and play!! Send some fabric flying!!! :-) have fun!!

Judith said...

LOL! Don't kids have the same sense of humour the world over!! Your scrappy block is v.cute! Love using scraps. Jxo

Iowa Sunshine said...

i love those quotes -- looks like a very inspiring book. a win-win if you can read *and* have privacy in the potty (hehe). i really like the signature block, too.

Regina said...

I love that block. I'm trying to think of a block that isn't very girly. It's harder than I thought.

Too funny on the potty talk. If you have kids you have potty talk.

Hope the concert at school was fun!

Live a Colorful Life said...

Potty talk: I think it must be inevitable at that age. Whenever my grandkids are over (3 and 4 1/2), if we are in the bathroom it's like they can safely say potty and poopy, which they do repeatedly.

I love the scrappy block and that book looks amazing!