Monday, May 23, 2011

A Quilting Update

1)  A Win!
   Last week, I was the very lucky and excited winner of this awesome pincushion:


  I am a follower of Cindy's blog Live a Colorful Life.  A couple weeks ago, she launched a new series entitled The Name Game here.  The selvage pincushion was her giveaway in celebration of this new series.  Her second weekly installment, which appears every Monday, features Crazy Mom Quilts (link here).  Cindy's photo of the pincushion does it much more justice than mine, you can see it here.  Thank you soooooo much, Cindy!! :0)   I am loving the pincushion (but actually using it for needles instead).

2)  A Do-Over:
   Some of you may remember this from a previous post here:
   This slightly oversized "postcard" was originally intended for my husband for Valentine's Day.  But I was dissatisfied with the quality since I had explored some new stitches and techniques without really practicing first.  I came up with a different idea for the border, so I went ahead and ripped out the edges (satin stitch).  Then, I found it was very hard to re-work and embellish since I had already ironed it to some stiff fusible interfacing.  So now I  have just decided to make a whole new one for Father's Day (see below).

In preparation for the do-over, I have been reading this book:

It has given me lots of ideas:

stitches for applique edges

I like the beads along the bottom

instructions on technique!
   So I am learning the proper methods to go about making an art collage/quilt with embellishments, and being the perfectionist that I am, I want it to be technically "right".   My original "postcard" is now my practice piece.

  The new version is larger (12"x12") and this is what I have so far, before embellishments:
   As part of the "process pledge",  I'll keep you posted on how it evolves.

3)  A stab at 15 Minutes Play (from Victoria at Bumble Beans Inc.)  [The description for the 15 Minutes Play exercise is in the sidebar of Victoria's blog]]
   I'm not too excited about how it turned out and it's not finished, but at least I gave it a shot.  Maybe I'll stick in a drawer and forget about it for a while and re-visit in the future.

   In order to improve my photography,  I purchased this little flexible and portable tripod from Target:
 Kind of looks like a robot, doesn't it?

Wishing everyone a very happy Memorial Day weekend!!


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