Saturday, February 4, 2012

Friday Wrap-up

   Boy this week flew by fast!  And I have very little to show for it.  But although I was not as productive (quilting/sewing-wise) as I would have liked to be (am I ever?!) it was still a good week.
   I made a traveling crayon/pad folio as a birthday gift for one of the little girls in my son's preschool class.  I used Terry Atkinson's Airplane Art Binder tutorial.  [Linda/Sew Nicely: Do you recognize the fussy cut fabric in the center?  It's from one of the scraps you gave me in the Scrappy Swap-- thank you!]
front cover
(noticing now its a little uneven)
back side
inside view
   I also worked on a few background units for my Total Eclipse paper-piecing pattern by Judy Niemeyer.  
   And I started a practice zippy pouch for the Mouthy Stitches Swap.   Check out the Flickr group if you want to see some amazing creations!!  (The "X"s are my first hand-embroidered stitches!  I enjoyed it-- might be onto something new.)
   I also received some fun packages in the mail.  My friend, Judith/Rags to Bags -- knowing that my birthday is this month-- sent me a sweet package of goodies from Belfast, Northern Ireland!  Just this week, Judith opened here Etsy shop Just Jude Designs.  She's got some great quilting/sewing patterns (and a few homemade items) that are wonderful.  Good luck with your new venture, Judith!

   Thank you so much, Judith!!  (I have not showed it to the kids yet-- waiting for a special occasion-- or a big craving!).  You are so generous and thoughtful :0)
   And lately, I've been listening to Pandora radio.  As a special promotion, they offered me 200 free business cards from Vistaprint.  Since I'm going to be selling my homemade wares in the next few months at a local coffee shop (see post here), I decided to use the opportunity to create some business cards (pictured above).  I used one of their pre-existing templates and played around with the fonts.  So I'm on my way to getting prepared for this business venture! (Now I just have to make some inventory!)
   I have a friend coming over shortly for an afternoon of sewing-- I'm looking forward to it!  We have fun and are trying to sew together once a week.  (She sews mostly garments and I helped her start her own blog recently-- but that's for another post).
   I hope all of you are having a great weekend (and getting some sewing time in, too)!


Amanda said...

Oh you have been busy!

That is such a lovely gift, so sweet.

That is so not a practice zippy pouch, once all sewn together it will look lovely!! Confidence in your work young lady!

Love the birthday gift, don't we all need some chocy bars every now and then?

How exciting, selling your makes, great business cards.

Enjoy the sewing afternoon!!

Judith, Belfast said...

I love your business cards E! V.professional! And your crayon case is a brilliant gift for any creative little girl! Enjoy the chocs! Jxo

Second Chance Tan said...

Yum yum yum! Your practice pouch for MS swap looks good enough to be the final item..... I love the little fussy cut prints. With great relief I finished my pouch this week - now got to make sure my scraps are up to scratch.... there are some very particular people in this swap! (certainly nothing brown going in my scraps). I hope you have some good plans for your birthday x

Cindy said...

Wow - what a great post! Loving your birdies from Judith and the business cards look awesome. Great layout.
I put something special into the post for you today.

Benta At SLIKstitches said...

The crayon folder is fab, perfect for a little girl, and seeing the pouch makes me wish I had signed up for the swap, it's GORGEOUS! The fussy cut squares nd the embroidery have a certain elegance, is it linen? It's yummy! Glad to see you are still working on the quilt even though the class is over. It's snowing here tonight, a snow day on Monday Iwill be nice, snow day = sewing day!

Archie the wonder dog said...

Loved this post - it's full of lovely things! Have a lovely birthday!