Thursday, April 14, 2011

UP FOR GRABS: These Items Need A Home

   I have a few extra quilting items that I am not using, but I need your help (dear reader) to find them a good home.  Given that I have all of 7 followers (I'm not trying to be famous here), please help spread the word.  If you know of someone (or some organization or guild) that could make good use of these, please just email me (or direct them to me).  You don't have to jump through any hoops for this-- it's not a contest.  Its about simplifying my workspace, and not being wasteful and hastily throwing them out when I know someone else could use them.

   P.S.  I am doing some spring cleaning today, so stay tuned-- I may be adding more items!

   In no particular order, here are the items:  (First come, first served)


I have 2 of these-- only need one (6 1/2" square)

bought on sale; never opened it

current issue;
read cover to cover, but no projects I want to try

November 2010 issue

Left: sulky metallic thread in black
Right: pincushion (or "pumpkin" as my son calls it)

re-gifting this

Assorted threads; some from an estate sale, so the quality of those may have deteriorated over time 
extra olfa 45mm rotary cutter (blade is not new)

just a pretty extra pottery bowl that does not match with my decor
   If you are interested, or want to know more info about any of these items, just e-mail me!  Choose one, or choose them all. 

   If you know of anyone that may be interested, please hook them up to me!   Thanks!!

And now I am off to do spring cleaning around the house-- wish me luck (and productivity!)

Enjoy this wonderful spring day-- my windows will be open :)


Helen said...

You are really cleaning! All these give-aways.

Marcia W. said...

If you are giving these away, then the two magazines and estate thread would be appreciated. You may email me with specifics. My mother and I both quilt and we do not receive these magazines -- and I use older thread for basting our quilt sandwiches as we handquilt. So, these will be used. Thanks for your generousity. - Marcia in Florida

Mary L. said...

If no one else has asked I can use the ruler and rotary cutter. I've used my small ruler so much one corner is rounded off. And with 2 of us quilting here an extra rotary cutter would be handy. Could I at least pay you for postage?

Sandra Henderson said...

You have a lovely blog! So glad you left a way for me to find adding yourself as as a follower... Ill pass the word.very generous giveaway you have...dont you need these?!?