Friday, September 9, 2011

Score! and A Petite Giveaway

   After dropping the kids off from school, I stopped at an Estate Sale just a few blocks from our house.  Wouldn't you know it, but the homeowner was a quilter!
   For a mere $14, here's what I got:
These are 2 sets of 3 drawers each, stacked on top of each other
12 1/2" square ruler, a hoop, and Ink-Jet Fabric sheets
9 1/2" square ruler
Easy Dresden (8") ruler &  5 7/8" x 11 7/8" ruler
1) mini-light for my sewing machine 2) some embroidery floss 3) 6 1/2" ruler
A plastic Block box and a book
Inside the Block box, I found these:

   And you, Dear Reader, are in luck, because I already own some of these items and don't need two.  So if you are in need of the following, please leave a comment:
   1) 9 1/2" square ruler  [9/9/11-- this ruler has found a new home]
   2) Flying Geese ruler  [9/9/11-- this ruler has a new owner now, too]
   3) 12 1/2" square ruler
(see photos below)

   I managed to squeeze in a tiny bit of quilting this week.  Here is the top of a mug rug for a swap I'm in:
 Do you think it needs a border?  It's already 7 1/2" x 10 1/2", which is a little large for a mug rug.
And here is the backing fabric I propose:

   Well, the time has flown and I've accomplished not a thing.  It is already time for me to go pick up my little guy from school.  
   Have a great weekend!   I'm hoping for some time at my sewing machine.  


Sarah said...

WOW! "Score" doesnt quite cover it, thats a friggin steal!! Lucky you :-) I'd love the 9.5" square, but it'd probably be a nightmare to post :-(

Anonymous said...

Wooohooo, you really did find treasure! I don't have either of the two square rulers, so either one would be a welcome treat!

Jackie said...

Wow, I am in total awe!! That just never happens to me ever! You did well!! Love those batik blocks!

ck said...

Wow, awesome haul! I definitely need to start checking out garage sales :-)

Catskill Quilter said...

Don't put me in the draw, as I have those items, but just want to say that I am happy for you -- quite the haul! Have fun with it all!

Judith said...

Hi E, sorry I missed your last post. Glad to hear you are back home & hopefully in routine again. What a great find! I already have a 12" square ruler so please pass it on. I love the fabrics you're using for your mugrug. Gorgeous! Jxo

yorkie mom said...

Wow!! What a score! I would love the 12.5 inch square. Can't believe I don't have one! Lucy sale!!

Anonymous said...

You are totally rocking that mug rug!

And you did score some great finds! Congratulations!!

Cindy said...

How is it possible I haven't been a follower all this time? Fixed now :)

Diary of a Flutter.Kat said...

wow what an amazing find!!!!
So jealous because I don't have any of those rulers. Nice work!!